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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

'Few sights in the UK are as uplifting or evocative as boughs heavy with spring blossom'. Says Country Life magazine referring to the Cherry Blossom tree. So if it causes you severe hay fever this may be something you'd have to sadly miss unless you dosed yourself up to the eye balls with medicine. Overtime you may find that medicine no longer works as effectively as it did.

Recently i worked with a client who had just this. She suffered severe hay fever around the time when the Cherry Blossom tree's blossom, in the UK late February through to May. Her wrists and ankles would swell up and she would develop flu like symptoms. She feared going out for these 4 months every year. She had ruled out going to local parks and walking to work. In fact walking anywhere outdoors had become a problem just in case a cherry blossom tree was lurking behind the corner.

After 30 minutes of a facilitated Havening Techniques session the hay fever was gone!

During the session we uncovered that that the hay fever started during a traumatic second childbirth. I used Havening Touch and distraction methods to help her let go of the unresolved emotions linked to this trauma.

She didn't need to tell me much about the event. This isn't Talk therapy. I explained to her what Havening is and how it works. The traumatic event was encoded into her amygdala and the side effect of this was that she had hay fever.

Then after 30 minutes of Havening the hay fever was gone!

If she didn't have hay fever how would she know there was a problem. Hence we should view our dis-ease symptoms as biofeedback, brain/body feedback. How else would the brain/body communicate an unresolved trauma wound? Be grateful to our awesome brain and body for such signs.

Perhaps, if left unresolved, it was a warning sign before a more serious illness later in life. Indeed, left unresolved, it may have resulted in taking more stronger medications. Peter Gotzsche is a Swedish Physican wrote an article in the British Medical Journal June 2016 (1) about this topic. He expressed major concern about prescription medication now being the third leading cause of death.

Furthermore the NCBI published a research in the US in 2013(1) finding that 60-80% of primary care visits had a stress component and that stress management was not something that they were skilled at providing.

Surely this tells us its time broaden beyond reliance on pharamceutical methods to alternative methods to resolve the root cause of dis-ease.



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