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Your mind is a garden
Your emotions are seeds
To grow flowers and trees
Remove noxious weeds!

What if much of your uncomfortable/unhelpful emotions, thoughts, behaviours and health symptoms had one common source? Your mind and body’s alarm system giving you a message...

'There’s unresolved trauma and stress building up inside ... please do something [smart] about it!'


We have a passion for Letting-go of unwanted emotions, caused by trauma and stress, 

Empowering you to optimise your innate resources, take experimental Action, and  develop good lifestyle habits, so that you can Flourish



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Havening Techniques®, whether face to face or via Skype, involves the use of delta brain waves and sensory input to quickly let go of unwanted emotions stemming from traumatic experiences and stress in our child and adulthood.  The outcome is feeling lighter, less inner tension, better sleep and greater levels of resilience, wellbeing and life options.


Letting-go leaves space for strengths to grow. We use a blend of Havening, Brain training and Coaching tools, applying different ways of thinking and frames of mind to embolden, energise and inspire. The outcome is adoption of new attitudes and a greater sense of meaning and purpose, more energy, focus and more resourcefulness.

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Action conquers fear.

Increase your sense of curiosity, exploration and fun.  We work with you to set challenges for yourself and your family. Develop understanding and change through doing. Experimental into habitual Action. Develop lifestyle habits that support your resilience, wellbeing and flow/peak performance.


Achieve greater levels of resilience, wellbeing and flow/peak performance in your life through personal performance coaching.  Integrate the 5 domains of wellbeing ensuring your range of human needs are integrated around: Emotions, Mindflow, Body, Engagement, Relationships, Accomplishments.

We blend LEAF coaching with Havening Techniques and NeuroSelfCare to help quickly let go of unresolved emotions and disarm your alarm system, giving rise to greater levels of wellbeing and  resilience in what ever you set your mind to!


Havening Techniques

3 years after just 2 sessions of Havening with Jan, 18 years of  severe Hayfever has gone

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It is true that what we measure we can improve ... NSC has given me a strong desire to improve my brain waves and lifestyle




For Individuals,  

families in strife, 


people with mental health needs,

addictions and hoarders

Anyone else?

The ‘havening’ process seems to put crowded worries and unpleasant incidents into perspective, bringing them to the surface to deal with them, and it is my belief that it can genuinely help people to be more serene and generally happier in their everyday life.   Practiced initially with the help of a therapist, then done by yourself, I believe that it can help our lifestyles in an incredibly positive way. Ali Kerr


Turn Over A New Leaf is committed to delivering outstanding service to help people let go of inner stuff that’s knowingly or unknowlingly getting  in the way of efforts to succeed in any positive endeavour.   We

bring LEAF coaching along with 2 empowering

tools: Havening Techniques and NeuroSelfCare

mobile technology, to help optimise your

innate resources, to crack YOUR code, to

removeinner stress, trauma's and obstacles 

once and for all and identify a formula for

your resilience, wellbeing and

peak performance.

1. Initial Call for overview of issue and right fit.

2. Assessment and intervention - usually 1-4 sessions of Havening, occasionally more for complex trauma, and in other cases once weekly or once monthly for NeuroSelf Care coaching for 30, 60 or 90 days.

3. Responsibility of client to initiate, experiment with and embed Self routines to integrate good lifestyle habits and self healing practices.



A clear set of ethics and guidelines which are used as a guide to ensure consistency in therapeutic practice when applying Havening Touch and Havening Techniques, NLP and coaching.

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A designed alliance involving a collaborative working partnership between practitioner and client. The practitioner actively raises client awareness of how tools and techniques work so that they can integrate into their own self help tool kit. Use of cloud technology to support this collaborative approach.


A passion for helping clients develop the tools they need to cope with life and work challenges. Make contact today for free tips, tools and resources as well information on workshops and 121 sessions.  Also information on discounts for getting involved with our pilot study. 

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Skype: jan.sfp

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