Let-go of inner (and outer) unhelpful stuff that can over time erode resilience, wellbeing and performance.

Unresolved emotions stemming from encoded traumatic memory's keep unfinished conversations alive in our unconscious mind chatter taking up unnecessary space, storing pain and discomfort in the body all of which can drain our energy and deplete our immune system. If we then add day to day stress of modern life our emotional buckets can get too full, or overflow. Unhelpful emotional or bodily reactions ensue, including excessive anxiety or phobia, anger or sadness, fear or pain, ill-health or various types of autonomic dis-ease. 

Havening Techniques is a psychosensory therapy that enables us to efficiently let go of unresolved emotions stemming from encoded trauma and create an inner environment that supports resilience and wellbeing.  Havening Touch uses touch on the arms, face and hands, which generates delta waves, the same delta waves our sleep generates to let go of the days stress.  Some say sleep is like our super power.  Well what if you could take some of the important ingredients of sleep and consciously use them to your advantage. 


During Havening Touch we're consciously using Delta waves and other sensory input to let go of unresolved emotions, which can get caught up in the mind and body and negatively impact on our resilience, wellbeing performance over time. It is a simple yet powerful process and when we have let go of inner stuff we can become more of the person we want to be. 

"Havening is this wonderful yet simple technique available to us all, it helps to finally put our traumas to bed, once we’ve do this we can finally be the person we want to be and it puts us at the centre of our healing."



Together, we use Havening Techniques, Coaching and NeuroSelfCare mobile app to discover your strengths and bring your innate resources to life gifted to you for the mere fact of being human. The result is more space and resources to create the person you want to become.


We are gifted with the following that if used well can optimise our resilience, wellbeing and performance:

  • Brainwaves and neuro-chemical landscape that we can positive influence 

  • A dreaming brain and slow wave sleep that helps to sort, sift, rearrange and let-go of our memories, thoughts and motional stress

  • Imagination - to distract us and to reimagine a desired future self

  • Reticula Activating System (RAS) enables you to set your mind on something that you want to be, do or have and make it happen with persistence and the right attitude

  • Neuroplasticity - a brain that can learn, change and adapt

  • Time travel - to use the past, present and future to our advantage

  • The autonomic nervous system - when its used well it can enable us to go beyond surviving to thriving

  • The system of conscious and unconscious emotions and thoughts 

  • Voice-Choice-Exit


Becoming better at using these to our advantage can enable us to be more resilient, have greater levels of wellbeing and do better performance in life and work. 


Perhaps your voice has been minimised in a relationship, well now you can start making clearer more informed choices and develop the confidence to speak up more, to get more of what you want in the relationship, or move on.


Perhaps you’ve been playing it small in life, work or school/college, due to fear of being judged, or something else, well you can use your imagination to develop a better sense of what you want to be, do and have and turn your RAS on so that you're more likely to achieve that.


These innate resources, when used well, enable us to smooth the way to achieving our life and work goals. We work together to develop better strategies that work FOR YOU, for your life, relationships, work or education.



Together we prepare you for being ready for daily action on your lifestyle pillars: Mood, rest, nutrition, fitness, brain training and environment.


Understanding and change comes from doing and experimenting with new approaches.    We set 5,10, 30, 60 and 90 day challenges with you to trial new behaviours and journaling is central to your learning, starting to write your new stories.


Your behaviour forms habits which shape your identity. Every action you take makes an impression on yourself and others.  Make a conscious decision to act in new ways to support your long term resilience, wellbeing and performance.  Build an identity you want, one that is win win, good for you good for others.


Together we prepare you to engage more frequently with that new identity, so action comes more easily.


Act as if! Experiment. Commit to 5 days, 10 days, or 30 days, or more, it’s ok, try it on for size, observe yourself in it, if you like it try it for longer, if not try something else. 



Happiness, wellbeing and success are the foundations to a life well lived … in whatever walk of life and age of life … these mean different things to different people. 


The Oxford Dictionary refers to flourish as: thrive, prosper, bloom, be in good shape, be in good health, be well, be strong, be vigorous, be in its heyday, progress, make progress, advance, make headway, develop, improve, become better, mature, evolve, make strides, move forward, move forward in leaps and bounds, move ahead, get ahead, expand.


Take your pick out of any of these words and decide what resonates with you. We act like your very own co-pilot guiding you to make sustainable changes in your life.


In particular it's about becoming aware of and ensuring that your human needs to Flourish are met including:

  • Sense of autonomy and emotions management — having volition to make responsible choices (not micro-managed)

  • Sense of belonging to a team, group, community

  • Positive and close relationships — to know that at least one other person who accepts us totally for who we are, “warts ‘n’ all” (partner or coach)

  • Privacy — opportunity to reflect and consolidate experience (journalling)

  • Sense of engagement with someone or in something that we’re committed to 

  • Sense of competence and accomplishment

  • Meaning and purpose — through being stretched in what we do and think and feeling a connected to and inspired by something bigger than yourself.

  • Productive rest and recovery time/quality sleep

  • Fitness for the future  - brain and body 

  • Good Nutrition


Its also about discovering what you truly want out of life and and going for it! About being clear what your purpose in life is, what you value in life and what gives you meaning, and setting your progress in line with that.  About being aware of the legacy you want to leave behind and striving to accomplish in line with that. It’s about finding your thing that works best for you. About your deepest why. About self mastery. About helping you to gain enduring positive emotions and behaviours that support a better future.  About thriving and productive relationships that support you to be present, joyful and move you forward to achieve your best you.