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Roberta G

The Havening technique has had many positive effects on my life. It helped me reduce IBS symptoms and control compulsive food cravings. I have become more aware of stress symptoms in my mind and body and learned how to alleviate them.

I also really enjoy the Havening guided meditation and visualisations. Jan is very knowledgeable, patient and kind and I really recommend working with him and this powerful technique. 


Ray Gill

Going through life changing predicaments, led me into the dreaded path of anxiety/panic disorder.So I turned to Jan who with his vast experience stretching over many decades helped me reduce and eliminate much conflict fear & confusion i was harbouring. I would highly recommend him on many levels as his skills in his chosen field are very refined ,understood with complete professionalism assured.

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Ali Kerr

I found the process extremely soothing and was surprised that (over a period of sessions) although I could retrieve the memory, it definitely no longer caused me the same anguish.  I found that returning to this process concerning other worries, I was able to gain considerable fortitude and peace of mind from the process. Indeed I still practice on my own and after a taxing day before going to sleep.   



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Shamim Akhtar

Thank you for empowering me and making me realise my true potential. The best part of working with you was in how you made me aware of how strong I have been all these years and how I had coped, but also to let everything go and live freely again.

The shifts were amazing as now I can’t even recall half of the issues and if some do come up, there is no energy or overwhelming feelings attached to them. The positive impact was when the recurring chest infections and cough and asthma had finally gone, having suffered with them for the past 6 month. I am at a much better place emotionally now.

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Carolyn Davies

'One of the little miracles for me was that the mind didn’t interfere as much with the healing process as it normally does and I think this was due to havening ie. less of those brain waves that support negative mind states, as we were working, as you were doing the havening.  Anyone who has a very rigid and harsh inner controller could benefit from this unique combination'.

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Kath Veitch

The results have been pretty amazing. After just 1 session there was hugely less emotional ‘negative charge’ around a certain past event, and also around present situations that may usually trigger negative experiences and feelings such as anxiety, fear or anger. In this way I realize that havening is a great tool to help do the essential work of forgiveness of self and others and ‘letting go’,  that is necessary for moving forward and creating new and more positive things for ourselves in our lives.