Havening Techniques is a psychosensory healing modality using touch on the arms, face and hands, called Havening Touch, which generates delta waves, the same delta waves our sleep generates to let go of the days stress.  During Havening Touch we're consciously using Delta waves to help neutralise stuck unresolved emotions, which form in the mind as a result of traumatic or stressful events in our child and adulthood.


Unresolved emotions keep traumatic memory's alive and when combined with the day to day stress of modern life our emotional buckets can get too full, or overflow, resulting in unhelpful reactions, including excessive anxiety, anger or sadness, fear, ill-health or pain.  Unresolved emotions can also cause limiting beliefs and inner obstacles to achieving our goals.


Havening can permanently remove unresolved emotions thereby stopping these unhelpful reactions and limiting beliefs. Helping to smooth the way to achieving our goals in life, work and education.

"Havening is this wonderful yet simple healing technique available to us all, it helps to finally put our traumas to bed, once we’ve do this we can finally be the person we want to be and it puts us at the centre of our healing."


2 sessions of Havening helped to speed up the healing of my arm, which was previously paralysed for some months after a car crash…I was always so angry that she managed to turn my life and business upside down in a moment of carelessness …Over the period of the 2 skype Havening sessions, and self Havening daily, it helped me to manage that anger even further and after two weeks, I didn’t feel it anymore, which alleviate the pain too. Shahilla Barok


I would like to thank you for the Havening sessions you provided.  I was surprised what a positive difference it has had on my sleeping pattern, which is much improved.  Prior to havening I found it very difficult to get to sleep, I would wake many times during the night and have negative thoughts on my mind.  I am now able to go to sleep quickly and if I wake, I am able to get back to sleep easily without the negative thoughts.  Since then I have also noticed how at peace I have been on the anniversary of my close family member passing. Jenny Walker (Safeguarding minute taker)

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The results have been pretty amazing. After a session with Jan there was hugely less emotional ‘negative charge’ around a certain past event, and also around present situations that may usually trigger negative experiences and feelings such as anxiety, fear or anger. In this way I realize that havening is a great tool to help do the essential work of forgiveness of self and others and ‘letting go’,  that is necessary for moving forward and creating new and more positive things for ourselves in our lives.  Kath Vieth

“ Before Jan’s Havening session I was in a state of anxiety where my mind was unclear, and I was struggling to make decisions and know why I was making them. Working with Jan over two sessions not only helped me clarify the next steps to take in my career, but also taught me a valuable tool to use at times of stress or overwhelm that I still draw on months later”  Tracy K, Shiatsu Therapist & Social Worker.

In Winnie's testimony - she talks about how in just 1 session of Havening Techniques® with Jan it has resulted in removal of severe hay fever improving her happiness and health and quality of life through the spring and summer forever more.  Winnie needs to be able to experience the joys of spring and summer to aid her resilience as an advanced social worker and now she can. Winnie Semugabo

I had been living in survival mode for over 20 years, exhausted and shattered from all the traumas and horrific incidents on my life journey. I felt closed in a tight box, keeping everyone out of my life and detached from my own feelings and emotions related to my abuse. My anxiety and stress levels were so high that I felt dysfunctional at times.

Thank you for empowering me and making me realise my true potential. The best part of working with you was in how you made me aware of how strong I have been all these years and how I had coped, but also to let everything go and live freely again.

The shifts were amazing as now I can’t even recall half of the issues and if some do come up, there is no energy or overwhelming feelings attached to them. The positive impact was when the recurring chest infections and cough and asthma had finally gone, having suffered with them for the past 6 month. I am at a much better place emotionally now.  Shamim Akhtar