Are you struggling with issues related to grief, anxiety, depression, or anger after major life changes, loss or traumatic and stressful event/s? Perhaps you’ve had enough of being fearful, phobias or panic attacks? Are you having problems with sleep? Do you experience allergies or physical pain?



Turn Over a New LEAF offers a range of Havening Techniques to help you let-go of unresolved emotions that could be causing or contributing to these symptoms.   It is often quicker than you may expect to remove or alleviate such conditions empowering you with greater levels of happiness and wellbeing and generating space and energy to get on with a better quality of life. 



Are you and your partner arguing lots, not sure why, but its relentless and you're considering whether to throw in the towel?  Are your children arguing all the time and driving you up the wall?


Have you had a family separation or divorce and stuck in feelings of anger, guilt, sadness, disappointment frustration. Either you hope to get back together again or keen to move on now but finding it difficult to?

We use Havening Techniques to help you let go of stress and empower you to optimise your resilience for a happier and healthier you and family, what ever the situation. 

We have direct experience of our own family breakdown and the toll it can take over too many years of recovery.  We're determined to help you and your children speed up the recovery so that you and they become stronger and more resilient after this major life change. 


What if you gave yourself permission to let-go of past unresolved emotions that could be causing unwanted recurring patterns, in exchange for greater levels of

inner peace and wisdom and

a fresh start?




British universities are experiencing a surge in student anxiety, mental breakdowns and depression. There has been a sharp rise in students dropping out – of the 2015 intake, 26,000 left in their first year, an increase for the third year running – and an alarming number of suicides. In the 12 months ending July 2017, the rate of suicide for university students in England and Wales was 4.7 deaths per 100,000 students, which equates to 95 suicides or about one death every four days.

For many University or college is a big life change. Leaving home, adjusting to the freedom yet still with associated personal and familial expectations and student lifestyles and pressures to achieve during their costly once in a life-time university experience.  It is not surprising that some will experience temporary and perhaps acute emotional and mental health issues.  Some may already be somewhat vulnerable to these due to prior personal trauma and/or lifestyles and some may become vulnerable if they don't look after themselves.

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Mental health & addictions


Mental health needs, hoarding and addictions often have a common link, which is encoded trauma or traumatic stress.  In addition the personal challenges people have to face due their conditions also become traumatic reinforcing the recurrence of symptoms and behaviours, not least due to stigma and discrimination and increased incidence of abuse in these populations but also due to the impact on their lives and relationships. 


Carers and their supporters may also endure significant levels of stress and trauma too as a result of balancing the demands and challenges of their caring role and busyness of modern life. ​ In both cases there may be a great deal of trauma endured. 


Havening Techniques can help to promptly and effectively let go of unresolved emotions linked to the encoded trauma or traumatic stress. We know that the root of so many mental health problems and addictions is trauma, in its many guises.  With Havening It can help promptly let go of stuck trauma bring relief and reduction of even removal of symptoms, as well as build emotional resilience and easing the challenges for all concerned. 

You can also use NeuroSelfCare to assess and train your brain waves to optimise your resilience, giving you a better chance of removing/alleviating short and long term health symptoms.