Stress is on the rise and research highlights the association with encoded trauma and a rise in anxiety, depression and physical ill health. 

Havening Techniques is a psychosensory technique that proves soothing to relieve stressful emotions using self-touch on the arms, face and hands, called Havening Touch. This generates soothing feel good chemicals in your brain on-demand and delta waves, the same delta waves our sleep generates to let go of the days stress.  When we're in deep non-REM sleep delta waves bring calm and recovery to the mind and body, to a system that is otherwise on the go 24/7.  Havening touch generates delta waves whilst awake which, when combined with other sensory input and techniques, enables us to disarm the alarm system that was previously initiated at the time of a trauma being 'encoded'.


Encoded trauma's can happen at any time in our life from before birth, when we are 22-26 weeks, through to our elder years.  For a trauma to be encoded 4 conditions must be met, whether consciously or unconsciously: 1. perception of a threatening event 2. Perceived loss of something meaningful to us 3. A vulnerable inner mind and body landscape at the time of the event 4. perceived inescapability, or feeling trapped.


After a trauma has been encoded your on-board alarm system tends to remain permanently active; the unresolved emotional aspect of the traumatic memory remans alive. When it is mixed with day to day stress of modern life and work our emotional buckets can get too full, or overflow, resulting in unhelpful fight flight freeze reactions and, in many cases, mental, emotional and physical dis-ease. 


In the UK, one in 4 people a year now experience mental or emotional health issues, representing the largest chunk of treatable health conditions, and many others experience stress related physical ill-health.  The following may all be rooted in unresolved emotions plus poor lifestyle management: excessive anxiety, anger or sadness, fear, chronic pain, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, autoimmune conditions and all other known stress related conditions.  A lifetime of unresolved emotions linked to trauma and stress is correlated with poor lifestyles, including unhealthy nutrition, fitness and addiction habits and poor sleep, all of which can result in a poor inner electro-chemical landscape making one more vulnerable to encoded trauma. Limiting beliefs can also develop and embed resultung in inner obstacles to achieving our life goals and aspirations.

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Havening Techniques ® engages our inherent biological systems to permanently heal, strengthen and empower our minds and bodies 

Dr Ron A.Ruden MD PHD

Havening can permanently remove unresolved emotions thereby stopping these unhelpful reactions and limiting beliefs. Helping to smooth the way to achieving our goals in life and work, including resilience and wellbeing.

"Havening is this wonderful yet simple healing technique available to us all, it helps to finally put our traumas to bed, once we’ve do this we can finally be the person we want to be and it puts us at the centre of our healing."


The ‘havening’ process seems to put crowded worries and unpleasant incidents into perspective, bringing them to the surface to deal with them, and it is my belief that it can genuinely help people to be more serene and generally happier in their everyday life.  Whether it is practiced initially with the help of a Havening Practitioner, then done by yourself, I believe that it can help our lifestyles in an incredibly positive way. Ali Kerr