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Introduction to Havening Techniques®: Letting-go of Traumatic Stress and Building Resilience

A workshop on Havening Techniques®. Find out how the use of delta brain waves and sensory input help to quickly let go of unwanted emotions stemming from trauma and traumatic stress, thereby reducing inner tension and improve wellbeing and resilience in our life and work.


Learning Objectives

  • Now is more important than ever to declutter your life, out with the old and in with the new, to create space to become your more resilient self 

  • Manage your resilience bucket, ‘let-go’ of unhelpful inner and external stressors, to improve your resilience and wellbeing.

  • How Havening Techniques® helps to let-go of unwanted stressful emotions that build up in the mind and body, and reduce the likelihood of stress related emotional, mental and physical health issues.

  • An overview of the neuroscience and research evidence of the effectiveness of Havening Techniques 

  • Learn and experience a simple yet effective Havening technique to create calm in the mind and body, to let-go of stress and and start planning by for less clutter in your life.



Even after the pandemic many of us will be working from home or anywhere, so our personal lives now have a greater influence on our work. Yet its often our personal lives that have had the most impact on our wellbeing.

Workplaces now need to understand that funding fast and effective methods to help employees let-go of unhelpful and unresolved emotions (inner interference) will not only help employees emotional, mental and physical wellbeing it will serve to improve employee engagement and business performance too.

Potential - interference = Peak Performance

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