How does it work?

1.Initial Call and Schedule

Email or Call followed by a scheduled call

  • Initial Call for overview of issue and right fit.  

  • Summary of the presenting problem, life impact, your desired outcome.

  • Overview of how it works and pricing

2.Assessment and Intervention

Individuals or 2+ people via 

Face to face or via skype

  • Initial Assessment to gather information about the presenting problem and background history, trauma and lifestyle habits, life impact,  your desired outcome and goals.

  • Usually 1-4 sessions of 121 HAVENING,  for 'simple' to mid complex trauma and resilience building. More sessions for complex trauma.

  • Once weekly or once monthly 121 NEUROSELFCARE coaching for 30, 60 or 90 days.


Many people enjoy results after 1-2 sessions

3.Self-practice and Results

Trialing and develop your own Havening practice & empowering lifestyle habits and routines


a) integrate simple tools and technologies into your day to day life including Havening and NeuroSelfCare

b) experiment with new resilience building routines into your life/work

c.) adopt resilience building lifestyle habits that work for you ....



Increased levels of resilience, wellbeing and peak performance

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