First and foremost, I am a husband and father of 2 tweenage and primary school age children of mixed ethnicity.  As a family we've agreed there are many values dear to us, our top 5 of these include love, celebrating difference, life learning, creativity and adventure.

As a professional I aim to exceed expectations one client at a time!

I am honoured to have found my highest purpose, thus far, as a certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner.  It complements a decade of coaching, NLP and training and 2 decades of social work, specialising in protecting people from adult abuse, mental health and leading professionals.


Since 1998, I have worked with a variety of personal and business clients dealing with the simple to the complex range of circumstances, social and health conditions. This has given me a unique wealth of experience and confidence when working across a variety of workplace environments, social complexity, limiting beliefs and ‘dis-ease’.

I have used Havening Techniques® to help people lift the following conditions, leaving them feeling happier, ‘lighter’ and greater wellbeing: insomnia, persistent worry, disturbing night terrors, severe hayfever, social anxiety, early childhood trauma causing relationship issues, severe anxiety due to historical domestic violence, weight loss issues, chronic pain due to serious accidents, bereavement/depressive symptoms, sibling rivalry, autoimmune symptoms.




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