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Your mind is a landscape
Your emotions are seeds
To grow flowers and trees
Remove noxious weeds!


We have a passion for decluttering stressful emotions. Empowering people to embrace their strengths and take experimental action, to optimise their life and wellbeing. 



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Havening Techniques®, whether face to face or via our Video Room, involves the use of Havening touch, delta brain waves and sensory input to quickly let go of unwanted emotions stemming from traumatic experiences and stress in our child and adult years.  The outcome being greater resilience, wellbeing and life options.



Letting-go leaves space for strengths to grow. We use a blend of Havening, Brain training and NLP tools, applying different ways of thinking and frames of mind to embolden, energise and inspire. The outcome is adoption of new attitudes and a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

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Increase your sense of curiosity, exploration and fun.  We work with you to set challenges for yourself, your family and/or your team. Develop understanding and change through doing. Experimental Action. Action conquers fear and changes things. Research in Action.

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Achieve greater levels of happiness, wellbeing and fulfilment in your life through personal performance coaching.  Integrate the 5 domains of wellbeing ensuring your human needs are met in balance around: Emotions, Mind & Ideas, Body, Relationships, Accomplishments.

''Thank you for empowering me and making me realise my true potential. The best part of working with you was in how you made me aware of how strong I have been all these years and how I had coped, but also to let everything go and live freely again.

The shifts were amazing as now I can’t even recall half of the issues and if some do come up, there is no energy or overwhelming feelings attached to them. The positive impact was when the recurring chest infections and cough and asthma had finally gone, having suffered with them for the past 6 month. I am at a much better place emotionally now.''

Shamim Akhtar


I deeply care about all of my clients, and work diligently to help them achieve their desired outcomes. Since 1998, I have worked with a variety of personal, professional, learning and business clients dealing with the simple to the complex range of circumstances, social and health conditions. This has given a unique wealth of experience and confidence when working across a variety of workplace environments, social complexity, limiting beliefs and ‘dis-ease’. Take a look at the services on offer, and get in touch today.


'One of the little miracles for me was that the mind didn’t interfere as much with the healing process as it normally does and I think this was due to havening ie. less of those brain waves that support negative mind states, as we were working, as you were doing the havening.  Anyone who has a very rigid and harsh inner controller could benefit from this unique combination'. Carolyn Davies


A happier, healthier you!

Are you struggling with issues related to grief, anxiety, depression, or anger after major life changes, loss or traumatic and stressful event/s? Perhaps you’ve had enough of being fearful, phobias or panic attacks? Are you having problems with sleep? Do you experience allergies or physical pain?



Turn Over a New LEAF offers a range of Havening Techniques to help you let-go of unresolved emotions that could be causing or contributing to these symptoms.   It is often quicker than you may expect to remove or alleviate such conditions empowering you with greater levels of happiness and wellbeing and generating space and energy to get on with a better quality of life


Here For You all

Are you and your partner arguing lots, not sure why, and your willing to consider that by each of you letting go of your own unresolved emotions you may see greater harmony?


Are your children arguing all the time and your keen to kick start greater levels of harmony between them?


Have you had a family bereavement or divorce and stuck in feelings of anger, guilt, depression and keen to move through these stages of grief, giving yourself permission to move on with your life?

Contact us to find out how you can easily let go of many of such issues often in 1 or 2 sessions.  We use Havening Techniques, LEAF and brain wave training to help you let go of stress and empower you to optimise your resilience for a happier and healthier family. 


Better together!

I believe in the potential of unity. A purpose of this unity is to help heal us from our past and of course bring joy. Many people don’t realise this. They feel powerless to address the recurring themes that can bring a relationship on a downward spiral to its end. Or never ending nightmare.


I guide my clients, using a blend of Havening Techniques and NLP, to remove unresolved emotions that are often the cause of such recurring themes, thereby bringing harmony once again.


Schedule an appointment today and see what I can do for you both.


Caring for the carers

People of all ages with physical and learning disabilities, mental health needs and elderly people are vulnerable to enduring a great deal of trauma throughout their lives, not least due to the personal challenges they have faced from their conditions but also due to stigma and discrimination and their increased vulnerability to being victims of abuse.


Carers may endure significant levels of stress and trauma too as a result of balancing the demands and challenges of their caring role and busyness of modern life. 

In both cases there may be a great deal of trauma endured.  Havening Techniques and LEAF helps to remove unresolved emotions and alleviate the stress of the situation easing the challenges for all concerned, building strengths and resilience.  You can also use neurological feedback to assess and train your brain waves to optimise your resilience, giving you a good chance of removing/alleviating short and long term health issues linked to chronic stress. 

“ Before Jan’s Havening session I was in a state of anxiety where my mind was unclear, and I was struggling to make decisions and know why I was making them. Working with Jan over two sessions not only helped me clarify the next steps to take in my career, but also taught me a valuable tool to use at times of stress or overwhelm that I still draw on months later”  


Tracy K, Shiatsu Therapist & Social Worker.

2 sessions of Havening helped to speed up the healing of my arm, which was previously paralysed for some months after a car crash…I was always so angry that she managed to turn my life and business upside down in a moment of carelessness …Over the period of the 2 skype Havening sessions, and self Havening daily, it helped me to manage that anger even further and after two weeks, I didn’t feel it anymore, which alleviate the pain too.

Shahilla Barok

Havening has had a massive effect on my life because its helped me recover from many trauma’s, like a car crash and bullying at primary school. It has also help me with anxiety of my recent exams which helped me do much better than I thought I would do and kept me positive and confident at school and when singing on stage.  

Taaron, year 7

I would like to thank you for the Havening sessions you provided.  I was surprised what a positive difference it has had on my sleeping pattern, which is much improved.  Prior to havening I found it very difficult to get to sleep, I would wake many times during the night and have negative thoughts on my mind.  I am now able to go to sleep quickly and if I wake, I am able to get back to sleep easily without the negative thoughts.  Since then I have also noticed how at peace I have been on the anniversary of my close family member passing.

Jenny Walker

The results have been pretty amazing. After a session with Jan there was hugely less emotional ‘negative charge’ around a certain past event, and also around present situations that may usually trigger negative experiences and feelings such as anxiety, fear or anger. In this way I realize that havening is a great tool to help do the essential work of forgiveness of self and others and ‘letting go’,  that is necessary for moving forward and creating new and more positive things for ourselves in our lives. 

Kath Veitch


In Winnie's testimony - she talks about how in just 1 session of Havening Techniques® with Jan it has resulted in removal of severe hay fever improving her happiness and health and quality of life through the spring and summer forever more.  Winnie needs to be able to experience the joys of spring and summer to aid her resilience as an advanced social worker and now she can.

Winnie Semugabi



After just one session of Havening with Jan, about 1 year ago, my back pain has been much more manageable, I am less dependent on pain medication, and chiropractor services.   Thank you Jan! AA Social worker/manager

"Going through life changing predicaments, led me into the dreaded path of anxiety/panic disorder.So I turned to Jan who with his vast experience stretching over many decades helped me reduce and eliminate much conflict fear & confusion i was harbouring.i would highly recomend him on many levels as his skills in his chosen field are very refined ,understood with complete professionalism assured." Ray



I exceed expectations one client at a time

I am honoured to have found my highest purpose, thus far, as a certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner.  It complements a decade of coaching, NLP and training and 2 decades of social work, specialising in protecting people from adult abuse, mental health and leading professionals.


Since 1998, I have worked with a variety of personal and business clients dealing with the simple to the complex range of circumstances, social and health conditions. This has given me a unique wealth of experience and confidence when working across a variety of workplace environments, social complexity, limiting beliefs and ‘dis-ease’.

I have used Havening Techniques® to help people lift the following conditions, leaving them feeling happier, ‘lighter’ and with greater wellbeing: insomnia, persistent worry, disturbing night terrors, severe hayfever, social anxiety, early childhood trauma causing relationship issues, severe anxiety due to historical domestic violence, weight loss issues, chronic pain due to serious accidents, bereavement/depressive symptoms, sibling rivalry, autoimmune symptoms.

Havening Techniques ® engage our inherent biological systems to permanently heal, strengthen and empower our minds and bodies.

Ronald A.Ruden, M.D.  Ph.D.



I am a certified Havening Techniques Practitioner and I blend Havening touch with NLP and coaching, informed by 20 years of social work practice. In the last 2 years I have helped people remove or significantly alleviate: insomnia, persistent worry, disturbing night terrors, severe hayfever, social anxiety, early trauma causing weight issues, severe anxiety and asthma due to historical domestic violence, chronic pain following serious accidents, bereavement, depressive symptoms, sibling rivalry.


Whatever your needs may be, I am here to offer support. Havening Techniques, whether face to face or via skype, involves the use of Havening touch, attention and imagination to quickly rewire your responses to emotional pain - one to three sessions is often all that is required to make a positive difference to your life. Neurofeedback can be quite quick to obtain results. The outcome, new attitudes and reactions to your life and work. A change to your inner emotional landscape so that we are calmer, happier, healthier and more successful

Turn Over A New Leaf is committed to delivering outstanding service to helping people let go of inner stuff that’s knowingly or unknowlingly getting in the way of efforts to succeed in any positive endeavour.   I genuinely feel honoured to bring a special blend of Havening, NLP, neurofeedback and coaching, to help people crack the code, to remove inner obstacles once and for all and identify a formula for success. 



A clear set of ethics and guidelines which are used as a guide to ensure consistency in therapeutic practice when applying Havening Touch and Havening Techniques, NLP and coaching.

Two Dried Leaves


A designed alliance involving a collaborative working partnership between practitioner and client. The practitioner actively raises client awareness of how tools and techniques work so that they can integrate into their own self help tool kit. Use of cloud technology to support this collaborative approach.


A passion for helping clients develop the tools they need to cope with life and work challenges. Make contact today for free tips, tools and resources as well information on workshops and 121 sessions.  Also information on discounts for getting involved with our pilot study. 





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