Turn Over a New L.E.A.F


your resilience coach


Do you want to easily let-go of unwanted habits and emotions? To let-go of stress, anxiety, chronic pain?  To sleep better, to have better health and energy?

Optimize your well-being 

A unique approach to building your resilience and well-being. Strengthen your immune system and guard against developing stress related illness. 


Are you a professional or keyworker, manager, leader, CEO feeling stretched and stressed yet keen to perform your best, improve your resilience and wellbeing too?

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Dax, Client

Havening Techniques provides a beneficial tool for anyone seeking a positive change in their life. Jan is a kind and sensitive listener who's holistic approach will help his clients greatly.  

About our workshops

90% of participants said they would recommend or highly recommend the workshops

David Pitcher,  Client

I felt immediately felt ast ease, listened to and understood. Jan proved he has the tools to help me deal with a number of very old issues which surfaced after the first had been dealt with promptly. I unreservedly recommend him.

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