What's the secret sauce to preventing stress and burnout and building resilience?

There is something else that we're not talking about. And the secret is that when we took away many of the things we did that kept us busy and made us feel good it made us vulnerable to our traumatic stress becoming exposed. Let me explain.

Stress caused by trauma is different to the kind of things we usually refer to as stress inducing (change/work overload/spinning too many plates) because it becomes something inside that we cannot easily change (until now that is). Most of us have experienced some kind of trauma in our lives. In fact if anyone who is reading this has not experienced trauma, I'll eat me trilby hat! Some traumatic incidents come and go and some stick with us for the rest of our lives. Why is this?

Certain types of trauma biologically change us emotional and electro-chemically. It can leave a permanent mark on our brain and have a knock on systemic impact on the rest of mind and body leaving us vulnerable to emotional dysregulation and confusing fight flight symptoms. Which can us affect is a variety of ways: in our cognition (ie causing foggy), autonomically (ie heart speeding up and shallower breathing, butterflies in the stomach), somatosensory (ie cause pain in our shoulder or head) and emotionally (ie making use feel angry, anxious or depressed).

Over time we can get used to such symptoms and find ways to manage them in effective and less than favourable ways, or perhaps a combination of both. Exercise, meditation and yoga may help. Comfort eating, smoking, drugs and alcohol, watching TV, the news and sedentary behaviour will provide a useful distraction but won't improve the underlying issues. They might make us feel better at the time but over time they have their own side effects.

What if it was easier than we think to let go of trauma or stressful emotions associated with traumatic memory's? Well with Havening Techniques® you can.

Warning: You're about to hear about an unusual but simple and astonishingly impressive technique that some refer to as a magic but it is not. It is a biological technique that is rooted in the latest neuroscience. Read/listen with an open mind and it could change the way you manage your unhelpful emotions, thoughts and behaviours forever.

Havening Techniques is a psychosensory technique that actually raises the feel good chemicals in our brain on-demand. This happens by applying self touch on the arms, face and hands, called Havening Touch, which research confirms generates delta brain waves (Harper et al), a type of very slow electrical frequency. These are the same delta waves our sleep generates, if we sleep well, to let go of the days stress and helps us to wake feeling refreshed and invigorated. When we're in deep non-REM sleep delta waves bring calm and recovery to the mind and body, to a system that is otherwise on the go 24/7. But when we have an encoded trauma that kind of sleep does not happen as effectively or it may not happen at all. Which means we're missing out on a type of sleep that is essential for our wellbeing.

I know this sounds odd, but stick with me. Everything is odd until it becomes familiar. Keep an open mind so as not to miss the opportunity.

We we endure a trauma or experience traumatic stress a the brain can set up a biological alarm system to help ensure your prevent a recurrence. This is what is called an encoded trauma. Havening is very effective with removing encoded trauma's and many of us have them. For a trauma to be encoded 4 conditions must be met, whether consciously or unconsciously: 1. perception of a threatening event 2. Actual or perceived loss of something meaningful to us 3. A vulnerable inner mind and body landscape at the time of the event e.g. poor sleep/diet/rest 4. perceived inescapability, or feeling trapped. Encoded trauma can happen at any time in our life as far back as before birth (from 22-26 weeks).

When we know that someone has an encoded trauma, letting- go of stressful emotions associated with that, can happen with relative easy, using Havening.

After an encoded trauma our on-board alarm system tends to remain permanently active, resulting in the unresolved emotional aspect of a traumatic memory remaining alive, whether we know it or not. When it is then mixed with day to day stress of modern life and work our emotional buckets can get too full, or overflow, resulting in unhelpful and persistent fight flight freeze reactions and, in many cases causing stress related mental, emotional and physical dis-ease.

In the UK, one in 4 people a year now experience mental or emotional health issues, now representing the largest chunk of treated health conditions, and many others experience stress related physical ill-health. The following are often rooted in unresolved emotions stemming from encoded trauma's: excessive anxiety, anger or sadness, depression, fear, chronic pain, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, heart dis-ease autoimmune conditions and all other known stress related conditions. A lifetime of unresolved emotions linked to trauma and stress is correlated with poor lifestyles, including unhealthy nutrition, fitness and addiction habits and poor sleep, all of which can result in a poor inner electro-chemical landscape, giving rise to chronic stress, which itself can be traumatizing, and risk a resultant decline in wellbeing. Limiting beliefs can also develop and embed resulting in inner obstacles to achieving our life goals and aspirations.

Turn Over a New LEAF is committed to providing fast and effective tools and techniques to help you let-go of toxic stress and build resilience. We use Havening to let-go of emotional stress and building emotional wellbeing and reduce anxiety. We also use Havening and NLP to empower you to achieve a better version of yourself that your future self would be grateful for. We inspire you to take action on a variety of daily wellbeing routines. And we guide you in ways that enable you to flourish.

So if you keep feeling like your ready to crash and burn you could be experiencing traumatic stress. Find out more about how Havening can help.

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Author: Jan Carpenter, Founder of Turn Over A New LEAF

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