EMPOWER: A powerful mind?

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Our mind is powerful than many of us realise

Do we all possess a powerful mind but some train & utilise their minds to capacity where others maybe just don’t know?

Personally, I don’t believe the human mind has any limits whatsoever except for those we impose on it ourselves. Our minds are a powerful instrument and when it’s fed with positive thoughts these thoughts become a reality.

However, before your Mind can get to work it is important that the Brain is regulated for optimal performance.

The Mind and the Brain work as one, just like computer hardware and computer software. When one is not optimised, it affects the other.

Being able to observe the brain while you are going about your everyday activities, is similar to seeing yourself in a mirror – so an objective assessment can be made and a compelling course of action taken. No guessing or opinions.

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Sourced and adapted: https://focusband.com/a-powerful-mind/

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