The Benefits of Delta Brainwaves

Delta brainwaves are considered to be the “the most relaxing brainwave” most often seen while one is in very deep meditation or deep dreamless sleep, which we experience thrice per night if we get quality sleep. Delta brainwaves are the slowest brainwave frequency among all four brainwave states, measuring just 0-4 Hz. Typically, delta waves are at their most active when we’re asleep and reduce our overall sense of awareness. Associated with the sub-conscious to unconscious parts of the mind, delta brainwaves are said to be the opening to non-physical states of reality.

Some Scientists Consider Delta Brain Waves To Be The Most Beneficial Of All Brain Waves, particularly for the healing and strengthening of the body. Just a few of these benefits include:

Anti-Aging Hormones: One benefit of increased Delta waves are the production of 2 anti-aging hormones: DHEA and melatonin. Capable of preventing you from looking well beyond your age, keeping your appearance youthful and exuberant. Delta brainwaves also suppress the production of cortisol, a hormone generated when a person is stressed. By keeping cortisol at bay, it is possible to slow down the aging process.

A Deeper Empathy For Others: People who have a deep compassion and empathy for others have more Delta brainwaves. Easily reading people’s feelings, increased social intelligence, avoiding conflicts, and relating to people more are said to all be characteristics of those in the delta state.

Stronger Immune System: The more rest you get, the stronger your immune system gets. With the delta brainwave state, health improves on all levels- including an extra immunity to sickness.

Release of Human Growth Hormones (HGH): Produced in abundance between the ages of 0-2 during this time of life we grow the most in our life. During puberty, Human Growth Hormones, or HGH, played an important role in helping increase height and weight. Not as plentiful once you become an adult, HGH is still very important for maintaining body strength and decreasing bodyfat. Attaining the delta brainwave state allows one to see continuous production of this vital hormone.

Destress: One benefit of increased Delta waves are the production of serotonin, known as the happiness neurochemical/hormone, and oxytocin, known as the love hormone/neurochemical. Both of these generate positive feelings within us and therefore making us feel less stressed.

Mind and Body Rejuvenation: Delta brainwaves when intentionally generated whilst awake enable the use of this resource to rejuvenate both our mind and body, regenerating the needed chemicals we use while awake. Reaching a deep level of relaxation, you can easily rejuvenate your body and mind, ridding them of stress. Havening Techniques uses delta waves to let go of unresolved emotions linked to distressing events caused by trauma, ie from the background of our lives (aka out baggage). This is how Havening works:

Tranquility and Harmony: Regular deep meditation or Havening enables a peaceful state of mind, with the attainment of bliss a wonderful side effect. Ever wondered why experienced meditators always look so peaceful? Its also true for experienced Haveners. Its because they’re able to generate a huge amount of delta brainwaves on a regular basis and they're regularly letting go of background as well as unwanted emotions endured during the foreground of our day to day stressful modern lives and work.

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