Research Evidence that Havening works

In 2015 Research was undertaken on a single session of Havening by Kings College London. The sessions were with health professionals who had self-reported feelings of depression and anxiety which had persistently impaired their functioning within work.

86% of subjects (27 individuals) confirmed that Havening had indeed benefited them at the point of evaluation both 1 week and 2 months after the session. While this research was limited by the small volume of subjects and it was with professionals 'who are likely to be more engaged and open to psychotherapy', the research findings were impressive in favour of Havening.

Here is an extract from the report, the link for which can be found below:

Our data show that the Havening intervention may well be capable of rapidly improving depression, anxiety and impaired functioning through a single-session. Furthermore, the effects of the therapy were not short-lived as our results showed that participants reported sustained improvement up to two-months after the Havening process. Since the Havening technique is simple enough to administer to subjects and teach them how to re-administer it during future episodes of distress, it could offer a substantial advantage over more complicated interventions which can only be delivered by high trained therapists over multiple sessions if more robust, comparative trials of Havening continue to demonstrate that it is effective.


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