Havening, finally something that works… finding your deepest why?

A little bit about my journey - I was born into an army family, we left the army when I was nine, 4 years later my parents divorced, whilst divorce is the norm these days it was devastating for me, for one reason or another I blamed myself, guilt thoughts going round my head and my gut for 29 years, it ain’t healthy, and more noticeable when I was stressed, the inner chatterbox of the mind… “if only I had … if only I hadn’t“… the result was periodical downward spirals into negative energy … I new this didn’t reflect me, the core me, the happy energetic person that I know I am, various types of counselling, coaching, human givens, NLP, meditation, church/spiritual and other approaches hadn’t completely shaken off this inner guilt until I came across Havening. Now I find that a unique blend of is the best recipe.

My deepest why

I knew from a young age I wanted to help people. I considered that my life experiences had given me my fair share of challenge and enough maturity to be a helper of others. After 2 decades of doing extraordinary work as a social worker, and manager level, and a decade of coaching, I realise that there is another more powerful way to help people overcome internal obstacles or inner stressor, in a way that supports better wellbeing and better life outcomes. A way that truly empowers people to break free from the chains of their childhood and adult trauma based programming.

Havening Techniques enables people to quickly let go of their unresolved negative emotions linked to life trauma and stressors. Stress and trauma are on the same continuum and is relative to the beholder. This is more important and more profound than it initially sounds. Trauma is a one off intense stressful event or multiple intense events and stress, of the negative variety, can accumulate over time to have a traumatic and eroding impact on our lives (this is distinct from positive stress which can have an energising effect on our lives).

The meaning we ascribe to events in our lives is different from one person to another. E.g. Boys A family split up after years of fighting may be experienced as relief and empowering along with opportunities to talk and reflect after the split (no unresolved emotions) as compared to Boy B's family may have hidden the conflict resulting in complete shock when they split, leaving Boy B unknowingly traumatised by the event and leaving his emotions of that event sitting on his mind for years (unresolved emotions).

Its such unresolved emotions, that can unknowingly have a pervasive negative impact on the way we think and view the world and impact on our happiness, relationships, health, careers and the background of our lives that I am committed to addressing.

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