Calling all former social workers...

I'm really pleased to be a part of the so called 'war effort' in bringing social workers back. The social workers who had left the professional, for what ever reason now have an opportunity to return at this pressured time, due to the Coronavirus situation.

I will be delivering group Coaching for the third time running on the LGA funded Return To Social Work programme ... this year its being offered to 200 Social Workers at a time when we need more social workers on the ground, more than ever!

If you were previously a Social Worker and are keen to help out during the Coronavirus outbreak or keen to return permanently you can still apply by clicking on the link below - you have until the end of April to join the waiting list.

The Coronavirus Act 2020 has made some temporary changes to the way Social Worker operate so don't expect it to be the same - Core social work duties have effectively been suspended leaving scarce resources for priority social work areas. There is a focus on designated resources to service users and locations in the system that are expected to need it most due to Coronavirus e.g. like hospital social work, working with the elderly in the community to help avert admission to hospital where possible, mental health and also safeguarding duties have not been suspended.

The Return to Social Work programme offers free training to 200 former social workers so they can restart their careers in local government.

Return to Social Work

Has it been a while since you left social work? Maybe you had a career break or perhaps you left to care for your own family? Whatever the reason you left, we can help you get back into your profession.

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