Why we should do short bursts of High Intensity exercise whilst in lockdown in or outside the home.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

In a first study of its kind University Hospital Bonn, in Germany, studied 25 athletes using functional neuroimaging found that 'low-intensity exercise triggers brain networks associated with cognitive control and attention processing, while high-intensity exercise activates networks involved in emotional processing.'

'Using resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (Rs-fMRI), a noninvasive technique that allows for studies on brain connectivity, researchers discovered that low-intensity exercise triggers brain networks involved in cognition control and attention processing, while high-intensity exercise primarily activates networks involved in affective/emotion processing. The results appear in a special issue of Brain Plasticity devoted to Exercise and Cognition.' https://neurosciencenews.com/exercise-intensity-brain-15610/

So in short, besides the obvious benefits to physical health there is also benefits for our emotional health. When we do rapid exercise like running short bursts, or running on the spot, and then walking or resting and then running short bursts again it is more beneficial to us than keeping on running. Or doing rounds of star jumps or rapid press ups with breaks in between is also more beneficial.

Why? The brain likes stretch activity then rest and recovery. During high activity it is generating a higher mix of feel-good motivational type electro-neurochemicals and enables the release of stress hormones. The breaks in between allows for our emotions to be processed. When we have a break there is some consolidation and further blending of other feel-good electro-neurochemicals that bring rest and recovery and the release of stress hormones, helping bring both physical and emotional positive changes. So doing circuit training type activities in or outside the home is the best type of exercise because it brings variety, intensity and rest and recovery breaks. If we need props we can use a variety of things around our homes to help with this like stepping on and off a step or using a wall to do easier press ups.

When you put on the Focusband whilst using the NeuroSelfCare app you will notice how your brainwaves change when doing high intensity activity compared to when taking a break. Where ever there is a change in brainwaves there is also a change in the neuro-chemical mix in the mind and body.

So during lockdown we can improve our neurochemical landscape in our mind and body by doing a range of high activity-break exercises which have a positive impact on our physical and emotional state too. It is recommended to do 150 mins of moderate activity weekly, that equates 30 mins of exercise 5 days per week. If we do high intensity activity perhaps we can half that...

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