Building resilient and flourishing leaders, using LEAF Coaching and 4 empowering tools and techniques to optimise peak performance, reducing the interference caused by stress, poor lifestyle habits, misunderstanding, conflict and poor engagement within individuals, relationships and culture.

Are you a manager, leader, CEO, whose feeling stretched and stressed yet keen to lead better, look after your wellbeing and relationships too?



Amazing, never seen something like this before...It was absolutely brilliant to see the power of human touch ...


Havening Techniques

Havening helped me to quickly recover from the devastating loss of my father, resulting in less anxiety and better decision making in my job and career

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...what we measure we can improve in work and personally... NSC has enabled me to build the necessary habits to improve my brain waves and lifestyle and given me more energy to perform better




We were looking for a tool that could get our employees, managers and leaders aligned and to help us improve turnover and staff engagement and reduce conflict ... it achieve that!



EM is a game changer! It helps to reduce performance interference by getting employees focused and driving together around a common purpose... and grow your business through your people.