2 sessions of Havening helped to speed up the healing of my arm, which was previously paralysed for some months after a car crash…I was always so angry that she managed to turn my life and business upside down in a moment of carelessness …Over the period of the 2 skype Havening sessions, and self Havening daily, it helped me to manage that anger even further and after two weeks, I didn’t feel it anymore, which alleviated the pain too. Shahilla Barok (L&D Manager)

I would like to thank you for the Havening sessions you provided.  Prior to havening I found it very difficult to get to sleep, I would wake many times during the night and have negative thoughts on my mind.  I am now able to go to sleep quickly and if I wake, I am able to get back to sleep easily without the negative thoughts.  Since then I have also noticed how at peace I have been on the anniversary of my close family member passing and I have become more confident and able to take on more in my job. Jenny Walker (Administrator)


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In Winnie's testimony - she talks about how in just 2 sessions of Havening Techniques® with Jan it has resulted in removal of severe hay fever improving her happiness and health and quality of life through the spring and summer forever more.  Winnie needs to be able to experience the joys of spring and summer to aid her resilience as she has a highly demanding and busy job and now she can. Winnie Semugabo (Advanced Social Worker)


Workplace stress is on the rise and research highlights the association with the high levels of poor employee engagement and the rise in anxiety and depression and physical ill health. Since we spend most of our time at work we believe there is great opportunity for business to be at the heart of solving this wellbeing matter.  First things first CSR should start with employees as a way of improving humankind at this critical time in our global history.

Havening Techniques is a psychosensory technique using touch on the arms, face and hands, called Havening Touch, which generates delta waves, the same delta waves our sleep generates to let go of the days stress.  During Havening we're using Havening Touch, Delta brain waves and sensory input to help Let-go of stuck unresolved emotions, which form in the mind as a result of encoded traumatic or stressful events in our child and adulthood.


Unresolved emotions keep traumatic memory's memorable and and when combined with the day to day stress of modern life and busy jobs our emotional buckets can get too full with stress emotions, or overflow, resulting in unhelpful reactions in the mind and body. Such as anxiety, anger, sadness, fear or stress related ill-health or pain.  Unresolved emotions left unresolved for many years can forge a path for limiting beliefs and inner obstacles to take a foot hold affecting our potential, habits, character and personal performance in life and work


Havening testimonial Shahilla
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Havening Techniques ® engages our inherent biological systems to permanently heal, strengthen and empower our minds and bodies 

Dr Ron A.Ruden MD PHD

"Havening is this wonderful yet simple healing technique available to us all, it helps to finally put our traumas to bed, once we’ve do this we can finally be the person we want to be and it puts us at the centre of our healing."

Havening can permanently remove unresolved emotions thereby stopping these unhelpful reactions and limiting beliefs. Helping to build our resilience and wellbeing and smooth the way to achieving our goals in life and work.

Click the orange link below to find out more about Havening and the remarkable new research which evidences that Havening can end the cycle of stress related ill-health and dis-ease in people who are prone to it.