Shahilla Barok

L&D Manager

2 sessions of Havening helped to speed up the healing of my arm, which was previously paralysed for some months after a car crash…I was always so angry that she managed to turn my life and business upside down in a moment of carelessness …Over the period of the 2 skype Havening sessions, and self Havening daily, it helped me to manage that anger even further and after two weeks, I didn’t feel it anymore, which alleviated the pain and helped my performance at work too.


Jenny Walker


Since Havening I can sleep better and have also noticed how at peace I have been on the anniversary of my close family member passing ... and my anxiety about my children has gone. All of which has made life easier and I find that I am more rested and confident at work and therefore more willing and able to take on more jobs than I couldn't before.



Advanced Practitioner

In Winnie's video testimony - she talks about how after 2 sessions of Havening Techniques® it resulted in the removal of 18 years of severe hay fever, linked to a trauma back then, and improving work attendance and performance.  3 years on she still has no hay fever and continues to experience and appreciate the simple joys of being able to go out on sunny days in spring.


Tracy Krikler, Shiatsu Therapist

& Social Worker

Before Jan’s Havening session I was in a state of anxiety, after losing my father, where my mind was unclear, and I was struggling to make work and career decisions and know why I was making them. Working with Jan over two sessions not only helped me clarify the next steps to take in my career and work, but also taught me a valuable tool to use at times of stress or overwhelm that I still draw on.

Image by Eye for Ebony


Service Manager

After just one session of Havening with Jan, about 1 year ago, my back pain has been much more manageable, I am less dependent on pain medication, and chiropractor services and I feel more at ease when at work. Thank you Jan! 

Mark linkedin image.jpg

Mark Monaghan

Senior Social Worker

In my opinion Jan's greatest skill is his humanism. Jan clearly wants to support people and help them to improve their lives. Jan didn't try and sell or oversell his services, clearly discussing at all stages about what I felt I wanted or needed. It's fantastic that in these times, people like Jan exist. I fully endorse Jan both as a practitioner/ coach and as a person. I urge anyone looking to find solutions to their issues or looking to improve their practice to get in touch and speak with Jan.


Very Empowering. Jan provides an inspiring presentation to help prepare you for future interviews, many thanks Jan

Yvonne W/ Social Worker

The workshop was amazing, useful information and relaxing techniques

Sweety C/Social Worker

Amazing ... never seen something like this before



Great exposition, I really recommend it because we now know how to relax, change and care for our brain


Very positive and educative time with the facilitator



I found the workshop very useful , clear instructions and a friendly and supportive atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed experiencing a positive inner shift

Roberta.G Actor/artist

A phenominal session



I found the session very educative and timely for me



Very good interactive and funny



Fantastic, the trainer is also a motivational speaker


Best seminar of the day



a very interesting guy and I enjoyed his delivery of this training.  We had fun and learnt a lot about how my colleagues perceive me… 


Enthusiastic presentation, fun event



Very Good Session. Great ideas!



Good engagement from all participants - Excellent use of props and video. Great job - thank you Jan



Interesting and unexpected! A good tool to talk to different people



I am very pleased to have taken part in the course. Very useful info and I will 

definitely be using the tools I learnt today




“We are over the moon to be involved with such a project and look forward to seeing our engagement scores increase in the coming months. If we prevent one staff member from leaving or produce the changes that people would like to see then I see Engagement Multiplier being a massive benefit to other care organisations.

We love it!”

Karen Jarritt

Director & Head of People, Allied Care