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DiSC profiles

Key aspects of Relationship Resilience is Productive Communication and interpersonal behaviour and Emotional Intelligence

Everything DiSC is an online psychometric behaviour profiling tool, providing 'spookily' accurate insight about the way you communicate and work with your colleagues in what ever role you are in.  Each Everything DiSC® profile report is situation and topic-specific, with in-depth information, including tips, strategies, and action plans to help you become more effective.


The Everything DiSC Agile EQ Profile is perfect for :

  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

  • Helping people to stretch out of their ‘mindset’ comfort zones

  • Creating a thriving, more agile culture

  • Helping people adapt and respond quickly to the needs and demands of any situation

What does DiSC mean? Dominant, Influencer, Steadiness, Consciousness

These are the 4 primary styles of behaviour that make up the behaviours of all human beings, none of which are better than the other, all are good in moderation. Ideally we would exhibit all of them in a flexible way so we can adapt to any given situation and the person we're communicating with.  Typically however we lean in one direction and overuse certain features of it which may or may not be ideal for the role or situation in which we are in. 


Sandra is a manager and she often presents with a D style, as many managers do.  This means its important to her to get results and she communicates this to her staff and through her actions. She also has some C style in her which means it is important to her to challenge her team members by finding gaps in their performance and attending to accuracy through high standards in service and documentation.  She's a DC style. All good. However with a relentless focus on results, directional in approach and keen eye on accuracy DC styles can often come across as insensitive and lack empathy when communicating with staff who do not meet these expectation, even if they do not mean to. If she speaks to her team members in this way, as if they have the same values, they may end up feeling overly and frequently criticised.   This can then be a detractor for employees increasing the risk of stress, absenteeism and turnover.

An alternative approach is to lead people from their DiSC style.  So if Sandra spoke with Gregory with insight about his S style she will endeavour to speak with him through his needs for more support, empathy and collaboration. 


All Everything DiSC® profiles include access to unlimited free follow-up reports.


  • Your DiSC® style is represented as a dot on the circle above


  • Each profile focuses on a specific context helping you to improve in that particular area (i.e. management, leadership, sales, workplace relationships)


  • We use ‘adaptive testing’ which is an interactive process that tailors questions based on your individual item responses. This results in an even more precise profile report and an even more relevant and useful outcome!     

Coaching & workshops

To make the most of the profile reports we provide one to one coaching, group/Team coaching or workshops to help understand the theory and principles of DiSC and digest the information on the report whilst glean the most actionable benefit from the information.  There's little point getting a report reading it and putting it in to a draw.

Workshops can be just a one off event and are used as a means to curating the plan.  One to one coaching serves to follow up on and evolve the plan and hold the person account to the agreed actions.  All with the objective for more effective team performance and business outcomes.