Havening Techniques is a psychosensory healing modality using touch on the arms, face and hands, called Havening Touch, which generates delta waves, the same delta waves our sleep generates to let go of the days stress.  During Havening Touch we're consciously using Delta waves to help neutralise stuck unresolved emotions, which form in the mind as a result of traumatic or stressful events in our child and adulthood.


Unresolved emotions keep traumatic memory's alive and when combined with the day to day stress of modern life our emotional buckets can get too full, or overflow, resulting in unhelpful reactions, including excessive anxiety, anger or sadness, fear, ill-health or pain.  Unresolved emotions can also cause limiting beliefs and inner obstacles to achieving our goals.


Havening can permanently remove unresolved emotions thereby stopping these unhelpful reactions and limiting beliefs. Helping to smooth the way to achieving our goals in life, work and education.

"Havening is this wonderful yet simple healing technique available to us all, it helps to finally put our traumas to bed, once we’ve do this we can finally be the person we want to be and it puts us at the centre of our healing."

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2 sessions of Havening helped to speed up the healing of my arm, which was previously paralysed for some months after a car crash…I was always so angry that she managed to turn my life and business upside down in a moment of carelessness …Over the period of the 2 skype Havening sessions, and self Havening daily, it helped me to manage that anger even further and after two weeks, I didn’t feel it anymore, which alleviated the pain too.  It has also helped me to enjoy and be present more in my work again. Shahilla Barok