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Personal resilience/  Wellbeingand performance are increasingly 2 halves of the same coin. It’s becoming clearer that a healthy and happy workforce is more productive, motivated and engaged – ultimately leading to organisational success.

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Participants leave workshops and 121 sessions feeling relaxed with a practical tool in the palm of their hands to reduce stress levels and improve wellbeing. 

'It was a really beautiful experience, I had a bit of stress and emotions that have eased up a bit, since then i have let go of an inner sense of a negative emotion thats been with me for a while'

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wellbeing diagnostic

Participants have the opportunity to build awareness of their current Resilience and wellbeing using our self-diagnostic tool.

Awareness delivered in a useful and simple format is half way to taking responsibility and action that changes things for the better.

Take the diagnostic 4 times per year to measure and maintain momentum

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Countless reports confirm work related stress, anxiety and depression are on the rise, as well as stress related physical ill health, impacting on engagement, team work and productivity, along with associated business costs.

Give your staff the technology to hard wire your brain and neuronal system for resilience and wellbeing.