Performance = Potential - Interference


Turn Over a New LEAF works with professionals and leaders to develop performance by reducing interference within and between systems using the following tools:

  • Through Havening, staff can let-go of unresolved emotions linked to traumatic events and stress endured through work and personal life... Discover more

  • Through Coaching and Neurofeedack, staff are encouraged to regularly get into optimal states and optimise their brainwaves and lifestyle pillars to support states of flow. Flow and wellbeing can be quantified across teams with a view to empowering individual and team flow... Discover more.  

  • Using DISC psychometric profiling we empower relationships by reducing the tension and conflict between people, which can come about due to lack of understanding about diverse communication needs.  DiSC helps raise awareness and improve the quality of communication between employees and with/by leadership to enhance communication performance... Discover more.  

  • Simple and highly effective employee engagement web based technology, we've partnered with Engagement Multiplier who can promptly improve your employee engagement across the organisation saving you time and resources.  They offer a low cost and free organisation wide trial 10-1000 staff... Discover more.