A blend of Havening, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neurofeedback/brain wave training, to empower staff to sustain resourceful states which is good for them and good for the organisation

We interweave NLP tools to help improve personal performance. To be the difference that makes the difference.


NLP brings together the following areas:

Neurology - Optimising the mind and improve how we think

Linguistics - Using effective language to improve how it affects us

Programming - improving the sequence of our actions to achieve best outcomes

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The root of all our thoughts, feelings and behaviour are the electrical impulses between the community of 100 billion neurons in our brain. Our brain is the powerhouse of our entire body and brain. 


Neurofeedback, aka brainwave training, gives us awareness into the status of our brainwaves.  Brainwave training helps us be more accountable in identifying the causes and making performance and wellbeing enhancing adjustments. 


We use Focusband as our preferred brain wave assessment tool.  Used by top golfers with great success.  Its also an effective tool to help alleviate stress and mental health conditions and build our resilience. 


Our busy modern lives has made chronic stress a norm.  So many of us don't realise how damaging it is for us.  Unconsciously our body and mind do however.  Pay closer attention using neurofeedback to prevent your mind and body involuntarily going into fight or flight mode.  When in this mode for too long we are enduring chronic stress.  Our immune and digestive system is suppressed, our heart beats faster, we see more of our 'shadow side' of our personality come out, we tend to have less empathy, we become more critical and self centred.