'A New Approach to Self Care for Resilience, Wellbeing and Flow/Peak Performance' workshop.


In this engaging presentation, designed for busy professionals and leaders, you will find out how Havening Techniques and NeuroSelfCare can help alleviate and prevent stress as well as build resilience and peak performance in life and work. 


Time is of the essence, you're committed to the career challenge, yet expectations and volume are high, support is somewhat stretched, modern lifestyle habits weaken resilience all of which can result in our stress buckets overflowing, eventually impacting on our wellbeing, relationships and performance.


Countless reports confirm work related stress, anxiety and depression are on the rise, as well as stress related physical ill health, impacting on engagement, team work and productivity, along with associated business costs. Why wait until these happen?


What if you could think, feel and behave in ways that can achieve the best version of yourself in work and in your personal life, whilst safeguarding your wellbeing now and in your later years.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • How resilience, wellbeing and peak performance are intertwined.

  • To harness your innate resources and how to optimise your mindset, energy, creativity 

  • About a new healing method called Havening Techniques that can help you to easily let go of unwanted emotions and empower your ability to improve your mental and physical health

  • To develop resilience and performance building lifestyle habits including the power of visualisation 

  • Improve the quality of your rest and recovery from daily toxic stress

  • Improve personal and work relationships

  • Optimise your potential, performance and opportunities


Participants will leave feeling relaxed and highly motivated with awareness on essential habits and practical strategies they can begin to start, stop and do more of. 


2 hour intro workshop

Half day workshop

Full day workshop 


About the Trainer

Jan Carpenter a certified personal performance coach and corporate/executive coach and certified Havening Techniques® practitioner and trainer. He has delivered training courses and learning programs to local authorities and recruitment agencies, retail and hospitality organisations, financial and law firms.


Join Jan and discover some powerful tools that can help build your resilience, improve your health and wellbeing and perform at your best most resourceful you, ensuring you make the most of 2020 and the decade ahead.



90% of participants said they would recommend or highly recommend this and similar workshops in 2019. 


Delegate comments

Fantastic, trainer is also a motivational speaker VD 

It was a really beautiful experience, I had a bit of stress and emotions that have eased up a bit, since then i have let go of an inner sense of a negative emotion thats been with me for a while


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