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An engaging and lively event solely for parents and carers.


To be a great parent and carer you need to be able to look after your own wellbeing first, for the best mindset and resilience required to bring up great children.


You will find out how your brainwaves have an impact on the way you communicate with your children/cared for and how to get into the creative, mindful and compassionate brainwave zone.


You will find out about two tools: 1. a new biological healing technique that is being used to let go of unwanted and unresolved emotions and 2. how to train your brainwaves so that you can bring your best to any parental/caring situation.


You will experience a guided visualisation during the session leaving you feeling relaxed.


The session will also give you an introductory awareness of these tools enough for you to start practicing them on yourself at beginner level.



If this workshop sounds interesting to you please get in contact 


What are people saying about recent events by Turn Over a New LEAF?


I attended a workshop on building better communication and relationships in family’s in January 2019. Jan talked at length about the stress of modern parenting and how the Havening technique can aid you along the way ... the workshop caused me to think deeply about the way I interact with my children and family... I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jan’s workshop, I found it informative and enlightening. Fleur.F


I heard about this workshop and was intrigued about how to build resilience against the ever increasing stress that interrupts family harmony. I was not dissappointed and I found Jan an engaging speaker and extremely knowledgable on his subject. He explained, demonstrated just how powerful the tools can be. I will be looking out for future workshops. Michelle.B


It was a really beautiful experience, I had a bit of stress and emotions that have eased up a bit, since then i have let go of an inner sense of a negative emotion thats been with me for a while Rhishika.D


The workshop was amazing, useful information and relaxing techniques Sweety.C


Amazing ... never seen something like this before Ankita.V


Amazing, wonderful, really helpful Abhishek.G


Great session, very informative and relaxing and I feel less bloated Fatima.S


Great exposition, I really recommend it because we now know how to relax, change and care for our brain Betty.T


It was absolutely brilliant to see the power of human touch, the workshop brings new tools to use for my personal and professional life Sandra.T


It works! Jean.M


Helped me get in touch with my emotions and let go of stress, really good Babho.K


Amazing tool that truly needs to be embraced Kelly.M

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