2019 Conferences

You'll find below information about workshops delivered at conferences in 2018/19 ... please get in contact if you would like a workshop delivered at your conference on the topic of resilience, wellbeing and peak performance

Letting go of stress and building your emotional resilience as a social worker

15th March 2019 Emotional Resilience and Wellbeing Conference, hosted by the South West London Teaching Partnership

The sessions involved demonstrating the use of brain wave/neurofeedback technology and an overview of a technique that helps to quickly let go of unresolved/unwanted emotions and stress. Attendee’s experience a version of this technique with guided visualisation in the session and leave with practical tools and techniques to go away with. 

Interviewing and Resilience workshops

You'll find on the poster below information about 2 workshops Jan delivered at the Work and Care Together conference in London on the 24th January 19:

  • Improve Service users Outcomes and Wellbeing: Building your Social Work Resilience in Practice (delivered twice to circa 30-40 people)

  • NLP and Interviewing: Tools and resources to improve your chances of winning at Interview (delivered once to 30-40 people)

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Social Work Innovations Conference 5th November 18

Building your resilience as a social worker 

Increasingly, social workers are asked to do a lot more with a lot less and the pressure on their emotional and psychological well-being is ever growing. Constant change, budget cuts, complex caseloads, poor working conditions, poor work/life balance and ongoing media scrutiny are significant contributory factors to these pressures. Multiple reports have confirmed the detrimental impact of these stresses on social workers’ health and personal lives; including a report from Bath University (published by BASW in 2017) and a report from Plymouth University published in 2016.


In this lively and engaging presentation, Jan Carpenter shares some simple, accessible and yet highly effective approaches, informed by neuroscience, which can help social workers alleviate stress whilst letting go of unhelpful and unresolved emotions and ensure their range of human needs to flourish are met. 


Join Jan and discover some tools that can help to build resilience and improve your health and wellbeing.