Action Workshop

Safeguard your Emotional Wellbeing: Little and Often Actions that stick

Which are you good at by default... the great 'negative' stress cycle or the great positive stress cycle? Find out how little and often wellbeing actions can positively stimulate the electrochemical state of the mind to protect us from stress related ill-health and develop a momentum of wellness in the body. 

Learning Objectives

  • Awareness is the key: Hear about our wellbeing diagnostic tool findings and find out how to get your own Wellbeing Heat-Map report.

  • Strengthen your commitment: to safeguard your wellbeing from various types of toxic stress and stress related conditions, whilst maintaining resilience as you keep keeping on going in your work.

  • Develop little wellbeing habits: experiment with and track a range of daily wellbeing actions to enhance your mood, rest and recovery, nutrition, fitness, brain training. 

  • Tune yourself in: How to use Havening Techniques and wellbeing technology to tune YOU into resilience building actions that stick every single day.


Everything we do today has an impact on our emotional wellbeing, and our physical and mental wellbeing for that matter, today and into our later years.   Armed with the right kind of awareness along with a strong sense of of accountability we make the right choice to exit the negative stress cycle in favour of the positive stress cycle, positively impacting our nervous system, heart, gut and brain stimulating a diversity of feel good brain waves, thereby enhancing our current and future wellbeing selves.