We're passionate about enhancing professionals and leaders resilience, wellbeing and peak performance. Delivering high impact workshops and 121 sessions,  we bring a blend of empowering tools to reduce personal and social interference in your organisation.  We use Coaching, Havening Techniques, Neuro Self Care technology for personal performance, as well as topic specific psychometric profiling and employee engagement technology, to reduce interference in team and organisational performance.


Are you ready for a positive upgrade putting your people at the heart of that upgrade? The Pareto Principle: designate 20% effort to achieve 80% results. What if the top 1% of that 20%, armed with empowering tools, achieves 50% of the results? To achieve this it means creating an environment that will help all your peoples best resources come to the surface, together.

We have 4 empowering and highly effective Coaching tools to upgrade you, your team and your organisations culture, each one complementing the other to develop momentum, offering critical ingredients 

for high personal, team and organisational resilience and performance.


For a more resilient you, 

despite the challenging conditions

Right now more than ever we know its important for you to keep yourself well for you and your family.   As a key worker employers are also concerned right now to ensure that you're well so that you can continue providing continuity of service.  


We appreciate the situation may be anxiety provoking and we are grateful for your ongoing efforts and support at this challenging time. We understand that some of you may be finding it more anxiety provoking than others.  


At Turn Over a New LEAF we're providing online  webinar on the topic of Coronavirus causing Key Workers Anxiety and how to easily reduce anxiety and boost the immune system. 


In these webinars you will hear about how to maintain your resilience and you will experience a new self-healing practice called Havening Techniques, which helps to quickly reduce stress and anxiety on-demand.  

During the webinars you will find out some simple things you can do to optimise your resilience including Havening Techniques, which you can use on yourself in the comfort of your own home or whilst at work.  Havening generates calming delta waves in the mind, which brings a 'safe haven' feeling to the mind and body and generates feel good hormones, whilst reducing stress hormones. Reduced stress levels are associated with improved immune system.


Inspirational life quote with phrase _ learn to let go, that is the key to happiness_ with blur sunb

Havening Techniques®, whether face to face or via Skype, involves the use of Havening touch, delta brain waves and sensory input to quickly let go of unwanted emotions caused by traumatic experiences and stress in our child and adult years.  The outcome: greater resilience, wellbeing and life/work performance

Performance = potential - interference


Letting-go leaves space for strengths to grow. We use a blend of Havening, Brain Wave training, DiSC psychometric profiling and employee engagement technology, applying different ways of thinking and frames of mind to embolden, energise and inspire. The outcome is the rising of new attitudes and beliefs, meaning and purpose, flow and synergy and greater potential

ACT small.png

Increase your sense of curiosity, exploration and fun.  We work with you to set challenges for yourself and your team. Experimental Action conquers fear and changes things. Develop understanding and change through doing.

Commitment to tried and tested action + high performing habits = greater levels of personal performance over time.

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Achieve greater levels of resilience, wellbeing and peak  performance.  Integrate 5 domains of wellbeing ensuring your human needs are integrated into your life and work: Emotions, Mind & Engagement, Body, 

Relationships, Accomplishments. Sustain high performing habits to flourish in life and work, for leaders and all employees, for  higher levels of personal and organisational performance.

“ Before the session I was in a state of anxiety where my mind was unclear, and I was struggling to make decisions and know why I was making them. Working with Jan over two sessions not only helped me clarify the next steps to take in my career, but also taught me a valuable tool to use at times of stress or overwhelm that I still draw on months later”  Tracy K, Shiatsu Therapist & Social Worker.



Its not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change Charles Darwin


Turn Over a New LEAF works with Leaders to reduce personal and social obstacles that can affect leadership resilience, wellbeing and performance, particularly during times of change which is a constant these days.

 Using Coaching and NeuroSelfCare mobile technology we assess to what extent leaders are in a state of resilience and peak performance or in a state of burnout.  We then use Coaching, Havening Techniques and NeuroSelfCare to resolve inner obstacles and stress, which are so often due to past unresolved trauma and high stress and poor integration of peak performance lifestyle habits.


We also work with our partners to provide specially selected technology and tools that resolve team, engagement and cultural obstacles to high performance and productivity.

We use highly accurate and informative situation/ topic specific DiSC psychometric profiling and innovative and cost effective employee engagement technology, Engagement Multiplier.


Havening can help let-go of unresolved emotions linked to traumatic events endured through work and personal life.and replace stress hormones with resilient hormones.

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Neurofeedback technology used in sport to assess to what extent you are in homeostasis and adoption of brain training and lifestyle habits optimal performance readness.

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Using DISC psychometric profiling we empower relationships by improving the quality of communication between employees and leadership for more productive outcomes.


Simple and highly effective employee engagement technology to improve your employee engagement across the organisation for 10-1000 staff.  Free organisation wide trial.

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Turn Over A New Leaf is committed to delivering outstanding service to working with you to let go of inner stuff that’s knowingly or unknowingly getting in the way of efforts to succeed in your personal and work lives.  We offer a unique style of LEAF Coaching that brings a special blend of Havening Techniques and Neuro Self Care for personal performance.  Along with our partners we complement this with DiSC psychometric profiling technology and Engagement Multiplier technology to help people, teams and organisations crack the code, to removing both personal and social interference to flourishing individually and collectively. 




​An initial LEAF assessment will uncover areas of interference relating to personal, social and cultural performance, for example high absenteeism or presenteeism, high staff turnover, poor motivation, low productivity.

Examples of poor wellbeing, that we have helped to remove or significantly alleviate, that may be the driver of such issues, include: insomnia, persistent worry, disturbing night terrors, severe hayfever, social anxiety, early trauma causing weight issues, severe anxiety and asthma due to historical domestic violence, chronic pain following serious accidents, foggy thinking due to bereavement, depressive symptoms, sibling rivalry, autoimmune conditions, panic attacks.


A clear set of ethics and guidelines which are used as a guide to ensure consistency in therapeutic practice when applying Havening Touch and Havening Techniques, NLP and coaching.

Two Dried Leaves


A designed alliance involving a collaborative working partnership between practitioner and client. The practitioner actively raises client awareness of how tools and techniques work so that they can integrate into their own self help tool kit. Use of cloud technology to support this collaborative approach.


Enquiry today to find out how we use our LEAF coaching system to help your people let go of stress and trauma, empower personal and relationship resilience, peak performance and employee engagement, thereby enhancing  your  people and organisations capacity to flourish, for higher levels of performance and productivity.

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