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Empower Workshop

Optimise your inner resources to improve your well-being and peak performance.

Having let-go of your traumatic stress, what do you want instead? What does your future wellbeing self look, sound and feel like? 

You, as all of us, have powerful onboard human resources and wellbeing needs. Armed with awareness and knowledge of the latest neuroscience, what if you more readily tapped into those innate resources?  How would life be if you were able to bring the best version of you to your life and work everyday?

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Learning Objectives

  • Awareness is the key: Evaluate your resilience and wellbeing using our diagnostic tool.

  • Engage your growth mindset: enhance your capacity to learn more and bring the best version of yourself every day, where learning and performance are one!

  • Tune in: How to use Havening Techniques to calibrate and tune in to the best version of yourself every day.


Everyday is not just a new day, it is the start of something new that is you.  Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do because without it, it negatively impacts on our lives and our capacity to perform our best at work.  When each and every employee is engaged with the idea of becoming their future wellbeing self there is greater capacity for peak personal and organizational performance.

Peak performance = potential - interference + wellbeing mindset