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Below lays out some business issues with high staff turnover. The unique challenges it is generating for many care homes. A cost effective technological solution that acts like an instant upgrade to business operations; proven to make a positive difference to staff turnover across industries. Now available to the care home sector. 

Care Home sector

Various research, found on the internet, present an unusually high incidence of care staff turnover - 48% of staff leaving within the first year of starting their job. There are unique market and business conditions which increase care homes vulnerability to this ie low availability of good skilled leaders and staff for the pay or leaders being too time poor to lead effectively.

Across industries staff turnover tends to become a problem when it goes over 20%; thats when the negative impact on quality, reputation and cost starts to kick in.  The recurring cost of re-recruitment, re-induction and re-training becomes increasingly unsustainable, as well as the recurring loss of skills and difficulties in sustaining a positive coherent culture around the values and vision of the organisation and team.  The pressures associated with workforce voids, increase over time as the organisation struggles to tiresomely recruit, negatively impacting on staff morale.  Organisations can find themselves in a downward spiral where the commitment, motivation and team spirit of employees depletes and the chatter behind closed doors takes a stronger foot hold.  Particularly challenging when their is persistent pressure to maintain practices that drive up the organisations quality rating, and fear of the auditing body turning up at any moment.  As in sectors like hotels and care homes, where performance measurement and improvement is a given within the sector culture and infrastructure.


Communities and Local Government (CLG) Committee Study (March 17)  found that 48% of care home staff are leaving their job within one year as do 36% of nurses. cite care sector wide figures of 27.5%, well above the national average of 18%, yet we know that this tends to be much higher for many care homes who are losing over half their staff every year and some record annual turnover rates of over 100%.  Indeed, little has changed in a decade since the National Care Forum Study (2008) of 37,000 people which found that over 40% of care home staff leave their job within a year of taking up post and 60% within two years. 

Staff Wellbeing

The Office of National Statistics (published March 2017) published that Suicide risk amongst care workers was triple the national average 2011-16.

The BMC Nursing study published in 2017 formed on 212 care home staff respondents from 72 care homes.  It found that care workers are finding it difficult to be caring as a result of stress due to the following issues:

  • long hours

  • not enough training

  • poor career prospects

  • poorly paid (often lower than Lidl)

  • subject to high expectation and pressure (that they would not be subject to in Lidl)

Negative impact on quality

Furthermore stress is having the following impact:

  • Negative impact on carer workers mental and physical wellbeing

  • High rate of absenteeism

  • Reduces quality of care they can provide


Conclusion of the BMC study

Better training and an effective intervention to reduce stress in health and social care staff is required, especially in nursing and larger care homes, and for nursing staff.


Workforce changes

Furthermore, these factors can be become wrapped up in a downward cycle where by they are both the cause as well caused and compounded by high staff turnover.   The additional complexity impacting on this issue is that care homes are competing on the jobs market with, for example, the likes of Lidl or other supermarket chains who tend to pay more for less pressure.  We know that money isn't typically the only reason why people work, care staff are more likely seeking a sense of meaning from their work. However if poor working conditions and high expectations are at odds with the level of meaning they gain and low pay this can have a detracting effect on their satisfaction, engagement and wellbeing over time. 


A core characteristic of the younger generation coming through, the millennial generation, is to find and maintain work that gives them a sense of meaning, value and growth. When organisations meet these needs they're more likely to stick around.  They're less likely to tolerate working conditions that do not meet their needs, preferring to move on promptly if their needs are not being met. 


So how can LEAF help?

Turn Over a New LEAF is committed to empowering care homes, who are experiencing high staff turnover, to use their business as a beacon of hope, practicing an alternative way that is good for staff, good for clients and good for business.  We're particularly interested in the link between staff stress, wellbeing and employee engagement and the impact on quality, safeguarding concerns and performance.

About Employee Engagement:

These is now overwhelming evidence that an effective employee engagement system is what businesses need to address these kind of recurring problems.  Engagement Multiplier is an online employee engagement system which has proven to achieve the following benefits:

  • Reduce staff turnover and associated costs

  • Higher levels of morale - helps staff be more enthusiastic and caring with colleagues and clients

  • Better productivity - by improving effectiveness

  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention - greater levels of responsiveness

  • Better leadership - making self-leadership or distributive leadership more possible 

  • Becomes an essential constant background tool for being responsive to staff and service needs thereby naturally improving the quality of service over time and preparing for higher CQC inspection ratings. 


Awareness is key

The most successful business leaders will tell you they have made many wrong business decisions along the way, most of which could have been avoided if they had the right information at the right time.  Engagement Multiplier gives business leaders up to date honest employee views which can help them to make better decisions; useful, reliable and honest data, which is usually very hard to get from an annual employee survey.


A System!

Engagement Multiplier provides an innovative digital platform and system which acts like an instant upgrade to business operations. Business leaders are able to accurately measure employee engagement levels and find out what’s really going on every 90 days.  The platform then takes this data and automatically converts it into actionable insights, from which business owners/leaders can take immediate steps that deliver measurable results. Staff increasingly want to get involved because they feel safe to give honest feedback, knowing the service is non-biased, delivered by an external and credible company, knowing it is completely confidential they feel able to share their views anonymously and continue to do so as their voice results in change.  They are also left with a greater sense of accountability to take positive action themselves to make a difference.  What’s more, the program is simple to implement, isn’t labour intensive or disruptive to a business – and runs seamlessly in the background.

So impressed with these results, I’ve partnered with Engagement Multiplier to offer this great capability to the Social Care sector.  

Evidence - Case Study

The Purley Park Trust for example, provides residential care to 80 homes in the Purley on Thames area.  It has taken the bull by the horns and rolled out this employee engagement system. They have this to say:


“If anyone in the sector asked me about investing in employee engagement and whether it was worth it, my question to them would be, can you afford not to? When we are focused on looking after vulnerable people, it’s essential to understand how engaged are the people responsible for caring for them.”


“Of course, there is the initial anxiety, as a business leader asking for feedback – do I really want to know? But by being brave and creating an open culture, we now give everyone a voice, understand what is really going on in the Trust and resolve issues before they really begin to surface.”


Free 30 day Trial

The challenge for many business operations is knowing where and when to invest, whilst overcoming obvious time, resource and cost constraints. Engagement Multiplier helps you to easily overcome these challenges and enjoy the benefits listed above. Bold but true claims that can be backed up with real clients stories of transformation.

Engagement Multiplier now offers a free 30 day full experience engagement report and recommendations across the whole business for upto 1000 staff or for small business units down to 10 staff or less.  Your free bespoke report will provide you with valuable insight & clarity that will help you drive business improvement, whether you proceed or not.  If you proceed beyond the trial there is also 12 month money back guarantee if you do not get results.


If you'd like to take up the trial you can click on the link below.  Or if you'd like further information first, please do make contact  You will also get a free book on The Engaged Organisation for taking up the trial. While there's absolutely no obligation to proceed further after your free report, if you choose to do so favourable pricing will apply.


Whether you use this technology as just a one off or as an ongoing capability, this is a great way to make simple changes that have a big impact. 

How else can Turn Over a New LEAF help?

The desire to help solve these issues is driving the passion to blend innovative resilience building tools and promote employee engagement technology.  I am a 20 years post qualified social worker, with experience across all Adult social care domains, mostly at senior practitioner level and my last role being an interim Team manager of an Adult Safeguarding Team. I remain a registered social worker and I am an adhoc CQC specialist adviser. I’ve also got 10 years experience as a certified Coach and NLP Practitioner, along with business experience, and more recently a certified Havening Techniques® practitioner, practicing in neurofeedback, and an Authorised Partner of Engagement Multiplier.

LEAF means Let-go, Empower, Action and Flourish. From an individual perspective this is about helping staff Let-go of background life stress, ie from trauma in their life, and foreground workplace stress.  Unresolved background stress increases peoples vulnerability to burnout when workplace stress is high.  The outcome then is to Empower their strengths so they become more present, focused, resourceful, bringing the best of themselves to your clients every day;   From an organisation perspective, LEAF means Letting-go of what is not working, pro-active Employee Engagement, and taking regular and consistent Action to help employees and the organisation Flourish

Turn Over A New LEAF has a number of innovative services.  LEAF Workshops: a different way of understanding and letting go of stress and empowering teams, opportunity to practice some unique tools, try them out back home or at work.  Brain wave assessment and training: you can find out whether your brainwaves are in state of stress and if so make adjustments to your lifestyle to help achieve homeostasis, which improves your mood, quality of sleep and relationships.  Managers are able to lead better from homeostasis.  DiSC behaviour styles assessment and development to support managers to better communicate and motivate employees. 

If you'd like to get started with Engagement Multiplier or find out more visit here.



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