If you're putting effort into to staff engagement, building resilient employees, teams and culture you want to see results, right!?

Resilience scale

We use the CD-RISC Scale to help individuals evaluate their current level of resilience. By you completing this scale we can better advise you what steps you need to take to improve your resilience. If you feel vulnerable to every bump in the road of life, you might want to consider working on your resilience to become more steady and stable.

The CD-RISC can point your Coach to different aspects of resilience you score low in, including any of the five factors of resilience, such as acceptance of change.



Every employee can evaluate themselves against the Lifestyle Pillars using NeuroSelfCare app






Brain Training


Also for those businesses who are truly serious about wellbeing give each employee a focusband so they can measure and train their brainwaves for peak performance.




Measure the impact of personal resilience upon business resilience using employee engagement technology

“We are over the moon to be involved with such a project and look forward to seeing our engagement scores increase in the coming months. If we prevent one staff member from leaving or produce the changes that people would like to see then I see Engagement Multiplier being a massive benefit to other care organisations.

We love it!”