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At Turn Over A New LEAF, we know that we do our best work helping people to quickly resolve their emotional stress or distress and stress related mental and physical health issues and then we help them to grow from there, building on their strengths, resilience and performance in their life and work.

In particular we work best with people with encoded traumas, whether big, small or unknown. We know that people don't tend to acknowledge the connection between trauma and resilience and health.  We are talking about big obvious trauma’s people are aware of in their life (e.g loss/accident/injury/big change). Also lots of little minor trauma that may have built up over time (including workplace stress) that we may be less aware of. We may endure encoded trauma by hearing about distressing events from someone else or watching it on TV. People develop encoded trauma when they are less than resilient themselves due to poor sleep/nutrition/ fitness or stress, and for 3 other reasons which you can find out more about in the Winning Mindset book in my chapter entitled Empower Action Changes Things.

We also talk about the increased risk of encoded trauma due to the pandemic. And we give 3 case studies of real people who experienced encoded trauma in their lives, whom we have helped to overcome persistent and undermining emotional issues affecting their relationships, costly physical health issues and overcome inner obstacles to achieving a high performance at an up and coming event.

At Turn Over a New Leaf we are committed to using LEAF to help people promptly Let-go of uncomfortable and toxic stress related emotions plus Empower their emotional resilience, wellbeing and performance plus take Action on essential lifestyle domains all of which helps them to Flourish. We use Havening Techniques and coaching to make that possible.  The quicker we can guide you through the LEAF process, the quicker you can get on with your life being the best version of yourself. That is what we do, that is our commitment to you!

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