01/ Individual Resilience

Do you recognise signs of stress in your team, dept or organisation? We're a bit different.  Whilst we do meet with individuals 121, we prefer to add value and meet with small to large groups of staff (on or offline) and prepare them all for managing stress, resilience and performance better.  Staff leave with a cool tool in the palm of their hands to quickly let go of stress, a resilience self assessment and a free resilience building mobile app.

02/ Relationship Resilience

Do you recognise that your work relationships could be more effective or are causing performance issues?  Look no further, we use Wileys DiSC psychometric profiling to uncover the structure of your individual employees behaviour  and communication styles and how colleagues relate to each other. We effectively address team issues, conflict, emotional intelligence, management 

03/Cultural Resilience 

Do you have issues with engagement, performance, absenteeism, staff turnover? If employee engagement is the priority issue for you right now we can get you started with a free company wide 30 day trial of one of the best employee engagement platforms on the market, aimed at organisations from 10 to 1000 staff.  We have partnered with Engagement Multiplier, easy to use and dynamic employee engagement technology that can be easily integrated across your business or priority teams or depts.  The objective? Low cost technology to grow your business through your employees.

04/ Peak Performance

Do you want your team to develop personal lifestyle habits that support optimal flow in work? We use cutting edge Neurofeedback mobile technology to assess to what extent they are in a state of 'burnout' as opposed to 'flow' and provide advice and support on how to optimise brain waves for more flow. The outcome is improved resilience, peak performance, engagement and productivity. 

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