01/ Personal Resilience

Do you recognise signs of stress in your team, dept or organisation?  We first meet with small to large groups of staff (on or offline) and teach them how to use the tools themselves.   Staff leave with cool tools and techniques in the palm of their hands to quickly measure and to let go of stress, to build emotional resilience and envision their best selves..  We will aim to identify who is experiencing distress linked to personal or workplace stress overwhelm and trauma and if they want to we can meet one to one with them to help them promptly let-go of unhelpful emotions linked to this. Your staff will be grateful! 

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02/Relationship Resilience

Do you recognise that your work relationships could be more effective or are causing performance issues?  Look no further, we use Wileys DiSC psychometric profiling to uncover the structure of your individual employees behaviour  and communication styles and how colleagues relate to each other. ''Potential-interference=Performance''.  We effectively reduce the 'interference' within, and optimise the potential of, workplace communication helping to improve the performance of teams and manager to employee relations. Reports are made available in the palm your hands by the Catalyst mobile app. Your staff will be grateful!

03/Organisational Resilience 

Do you have issues with wellbeing, engagement, performance, absenteeism, staff turnover? 

Find out if wellbeing or employee engagement is a priority issue for your business or team right now. You can use our wellbeing diagnostic. Or you can get you started straight away with a free company wide engagement survey and access to the back office resources for a 30 day trial, for every single employee 10 to 1000 staff.  We have partnered with Engagement Multiplier, a 5 star rated employee engagement platform, low cost, easy to use and dynamic employee engagement surveying technology, easily integrates across your business or priority teams or depts and leads to remarkable result using the 90 day cycle. Ypur staff will be grateful!


The objective? retain your staff, reduce turnover costs, grow staff morale across your business and all of which helps to engage and attract more customers.

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