I had been living in survival mode for over 20 years, exhausted and shattered from all the traumas and horrific incidents on my life journey. I felt closed in a tight box, keeping everyone out of my life and detached from my own feelings and emotions related to my abuse. My anxiety and stress levels were so high that I felt dysfunctional at times.

Thank you for empowering me and making me realise my true potential. The best part of working with you was in how you made me aware of how strong I have been all these years and how I had coped, but also to let everything go and live freely again.

The shifts were amazing as now I can’t even recall half of the issues and if some do come up, there is no energy or overwhelming feelings attached to them. The positive impact was when the recurring chest infections and cough and asthma had finally gone, having suffered with them for the past 6 month. I am at a much better place emotionally now.

Shamim Akhtar

''I found the process extremely soothing and was surprised that (over a period of sessions) although I could retrieve the memory, it definitely no longer caused me the same anguish.  I found that returning to this process concerning other worries, I was able to gain considerable fortitude and peace of mind from the process. Indeed I still practice on my own and after a taxing day before going to sleep.   


The ‘havening’ process seems to put crowded worries and unpleasant incidents into perspective, bringing them to the surface to deal with them, and it is my belief that it can genuinely help people to be more serene and generally happier in their everyday life.  Whether it is practiced with the help of a therapist, friend or done by yourself, I believe that it can help our lifestyles in an incredibly positive way.


With many thanks to Jan for introducing me to the ‘havening’ technique!  It has been a gift.'' Ali Kerr


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