Building resilience in your Social Work Practice: A New Approach to Self Care for Resilience, Wellbeing and Peak Performance

Turn Over a New LEAF is working with One Stop Social to deliver this unique and outstanding workshop to Social Workers up and down the country.  Thanks to Hays recruitment who are providing the venue and promoting these workshops to social workers who are either a locum, or are in permanent full time work or seeking to return back to Social Work

Increasingly, people working in social work are having to do a lot more with less placing an ever growing pressure on their emotional and psychological well-being. Constant change and uncertainty, budget cuts, caseloads and service users becoming more complex, stretched leadership and working conditions, poor work/life balance and ongoing media scrutiny are significant contributory factors to these pressures. Multiple reports have confirmed the detrimental impact of these stressors specifically on social workers’ health and personal lives; including surveys and reports published by BASW, in conjunction with Bath Spa University and by Plymouth University.


In these engaging presentations, Jan Carpenter shares 3 simple and highly effective tools, informed by neuroscience, which can help social workers alleviate and prevent stress. 


Jan Carpenter is a qualified social worker of 20 years up to Team Manager level. Join Jan and discover some tools that can help to build resilience and improve your health and wellbeing.


If you believe your organisation would be interested in providing high quality resilience and wellbeing workshops to your employees, in or outside of social work, feel free to make contact 

by clicking on this link.



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