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I, Jan Carpenter, am now the Founder of Turn Over A New LEAF Community Interest Company.  As a Social Worker originale I am so please to offer not-for-profit services to make our services available to those who would not otherwise be able to access them and others who do essential community work. 

We are seeking funding from interested parties who want to be able to give back and they can now do so by donating to our service. 

About Turn Over A New LEAF CIC

Turnover A New LEAF Community Interest Company will provide services to a range of people in need of our services but less viable means to afford the full full cost, either personal or organisational funds:


Our services will benefit not-for-profit and public sector workers;

Some examples include: social workers and social care and health workers who have experienced trauma and high stress as a result of their workplace activities and excessive demands of the job.


Our services will benefit people (young to old) who have experienced trauma and their formal or informal carers who are unable to afford the full cost;


Some examples include:

  • Working with hoarders designed to help them ttake the lead and break the cycle of persistent hoarding.

  • Working with their supporters to support them to keep up their resilience so they can sustain their support until desired results are achieved.

  • Working with people who have experienced childhood trauma


We will offer a blend of LEAF coaching, Havening Techniques and mobile app and membership type services to alleviate the impact of stress and trauma on people's lives through LEAF programs,  which include one to one sessions and series of workshops.

The community will benefit by 

  • enhancing the resilience and wellbeing of not for profit/public sector workers

  • improving the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people and their carers 

  • educating all customers how to heal themselves and maintain emotional resilience using Self-Havening. 

  • Subsiding the cost of the services so more workers, vulnerable people and their carers can benefit from them

We will also train to people to become Certified Havening Techniques practitioners:

The community will benefit by increasing the supply of people who are able to heal themselves and others from trauma.

  • Some will choose to develop the skills for themselves only 

  • Some others may have a therapeutic, caring, health, coaching or social work type background who will choose to become a certified Havening Techniques practitioner.

  • This will be made possible as the Director is a certified Havening Techniques Practitioner and Trainer in addition to being a coach and registered social worker.





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