Booking places now - Two day training starts Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of January 2022 at Community House, South Street, Bromley, BR1 1HR.

There is a rising awareness that what can happen within our childhoods can have a lasting impact. The need to prevent, acknowledge and address as early as possible, what is believed by some to be childhood trauma and key childhood stressors (aka Adverse Childhood Experience or ACE's) has become more prevalent.

However, this still leaves the question, how do we help adults and individuals of any age, who are suffering from what started as traumatic childhood experiences, heal

This specialised Childhood Trauma Havening Training not only gives you the opportunity in changing the way we and others heal, by becoming a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner. But you can also join us on our quest in changing the way traumatised individuals are treated.

Havening Techniques® can be used to safely and effectively treat the psychological and physiological impact of trauma/adversity at any age, which can show up as a wide range of presenting issues, diagnosis, labels or simply a traumatised, stressed, dysregulated individual who ends up in our care services and institutional systems.

Havening Techniques can be used to prevent further trauma, build a sense of self and a sense of safety, remove stressors and the life limiting or life altering effects of trauma. Allowing freedom from the past, healing and the changing of future trajectories.

''The course has provided me with excellent knowledge and practical skills to work more effectively in my clinical work.  There were plenty of time and space to practice the new skills and ask questions. The trainer was very experienced and supportive throughout our learning. In addition, what I find most valuable is the ongoing feedback and monthly meetings with my cohort is an absolute essential part of this venture. I thoroughly appreciate this leaning process'' Tassaya Ruangsri (Counsellor)

Havening Techniques have been developed by Dr Ron Ruden, MD in collaboration with his brother Dr Steve Ruden, This specialised childhood trauma training has been put together by Fran, with lived experiences at the forefront to understand what’s missing, what’s needed and how we can create further change with Havening.

This specialised childhood trauma training, mentoring and certification is ideal for those with a keen interest in halting and healing the long term impact of childhood trauma. Trauma specialists. Therapists. Doctors. Teachers. Social workers. Nurses. Midwives. Support workers. First responders such as Police officers, Paramedics. Psychologists. Psychiatrists, Coaches. Individuals who work in services such as domestic abuse, addictions, adoption, fostering and many other professionals.  Please note this training is as much for anyone who works with adults as well as teenagers.

Two day face to face training - 7th and 8th January 2022 - this is the first stage to becoming a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner.  This will be co-delivered by myself, Jan Carpenter, and the Lead Trainer Fran Proctor.  The course includes: 

  • In session learning material

  • Explaining how trauma is formed and the mind/body effects

  • The science explaining how Havening works. 

  • Demonstrations

  • How and where Havening can be useful

  • Open discussions 

  • Practical learning of the Havening Techniques

  • Q & A

  • Lots of online learning material

  • Free online Practice groups for ongoing learning

  • Supportive Facebook Community  


The second stage is mentoring and assessment which includes: 

Weekly mentoring for six weeks which starts on Thursday 13th at 8pm January 2022, which includes the running theme throughout of childhood trauma, adversity, and trauma. Taking a look at the following:


  • The differences between trauma and adversity

  • Working trauma informed with Havening and meeting someone where they’re at.

  • Why the ace questionaire should not be used as a predictor of future outcomes

  • Understanding that going back to the past isn’t always the place to start and explore the reasons this can do me harm than good. How we can use Havening in the present to still create shifts.

  • Prevention, pulling people out of systems that traumatise.

  • Working with layers of trauma

  • Objectively looking at the way a traumatised individual is treated


Assessment includes:

  • Complete a 50 question science review

  • Complete The Code of Ethics Agreement

  • Submit 30 written case studies and submit 2 video case studies. These will be assessed and feedback will be given to ensure that you are meeting certain requirements and working within the correct skill sets you have.

  • Joining a monthly mentoring group throughout assessment stage

  • Access to the closed Havening facebook page where you can connect with and learn from others


    You will have up to a year to complete the second stage of assesment from when mentoring starts.

    Additional individual support will be available during/after assessment at an extra cost if needed additional supervision or if you wish to further develop your skill set once certified.

    Please note that upon successful certification there will be an extra fee (currently $99) to HQ to be listed on the www.havening.org website as a certified practitioner. This becomes an annual fee to remain listed. 

Two day face to face training dates:
Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of January 2022.

Community House, South Street, Bromley, BR1 1RH

9.30am - 6.30pm

Mentoring online starts:
Thursday 13th January at 8pm

Community House is directly opposite the Fire Station in Bromley Town centre. It is approximately 3 minutes' walk from Bromley North station and 10 minutes’ walk from Bromley South station.

By Bus: There are many Town Centre bus stops nearby plus the Bus Station at Bromley north

By Car: There are two public car parks near Community House. The nearest is the Glades shopping centre. The Bromley Civic Centre also has a car park.

By Train: There are regular train services running from Central London and Kent Stations to Bromley South and Bromley North.

By Plain: Gatwick airport is 1 hour by train


Cost of training, mentoring and certification:
The cost for the two day training (stage one), mentoring and assessment (stage two) is £1,400. Payment needs to be made to secure your place and payment options are available.

There are only ten places are available on this training. mentoring and certificaton program. Payments can be made via paypal or bank transfer.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided both days.

To find out more, to ask any questions, suitability and to book your place, please get in touch.