Jan Carpenter is Director of Solution Focused People Ltd, trading as Turn Over a New LEAF.  Jan is a certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner and Trainer, which complements a decade of Performance Coaching, NLP,  DiSC  and workshop delivery. Previously a Qualified Social Worker upto Team Manager level, specialising in Adult Safeguarding, mental health and Professional Leadership.

Turn Over a New LEAF brings together similarly experienced  professionals and a selection of highly effective tools and technology in order to remove the interference from within people, between people and organisational cultures that so often get in the way of high performing employees and teams.

We deeply care about all of our clients, and work diligently to help them achieve their desired outcomes.  Collectively we have worked with a variety of personal, professional and business clients dealing with the simple to the complex range of circumstances, social and health conditions. This gives us a unique wealth of experience and confidence when working across a variety of workplace environments, social complexity, limiting beliefs and ‘dis-ease’. Take a look at the services we offer, and get in touch with us today.


When the 4 minute mile was smashed many people followed.  Using these tools you can develop the personal and social resilience and performance your organisation needs to flourish and smash your own 4 minute mile. 



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